Friday, December 31, 2010

~2010 for Stephanie and Ansleigh~

We have had a great year and Ansleigh and I are so blessed in many ways! We have amazing supportive parents and grandparents and friends dont know what we would do without them! I wanted to recap on some of the great things of 2010! My little girl has grown so much and grown into such an amazing little girl if I do say so myself!

January-My step mom Bebe turned 60 and I interviewed with the music industry branch for suntrust and started running

Feburary-got the FSR position at music industry office, valentines day, cookeville to see friends, ansleigh had her first antibiotic with an ear infection :(, my last day at the brentwood branch

March- starting working at music industry office, my nephew will turned 8, my sister turned 31, went to chicago to celebrate my cousins 30th birthday with my cousins

April- Easter, my dads birthday, my grandmas 75th birthday,

May- Nashville flood, steeplechase, mothers day, started blogging, ansleigh starts at ccc

June- hot dog day, cmt awards, jennifers 26th birthday, western day at ccc, fathers day

July-4th of july, kickball with my work team, andrews state tourney, jessicas baby shower

August- I turned 26

September-dora turned 10 and we had her a party, cooper and campbell turned 3 and 4, random fun with grandma and mimi and bebe and popop,

October-Ansleigh turned two!! we went to the beach for ansleighs birthday with bebe and popop and it was ansleighs first plane ride, ansleigh was minnie for halloween

November-We went to my aunt and uncles house in steamboat springs colorado with my whole moms side of the family for thanksgiving, ansleigh pooped in the potty at big girl school but just this once :( , and ansleighs ballet recital and ansleighs first haircut

December-kelly's 27th birthday, christmas, garth brooks concert with jennifer and kelly, I celebrated my 3 yr anniversary with SunTrust, zac brown band with jennifer, new years eve dinner and movie with kelly

Had a great year for 2010 but looking forward to a new year starting fresh and building even more memories with my family and friends and most of all Ansleigh Elizabeth! Happy new year friends!

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