Monday, November 29, 2010

A in the snow...

Saturday we went out to play in the snow and Ansleigh loved it we made snow angels and snowball fights it was great and she looked so cute in her new pig hat and snowsuit and matching snow boots! Mommys little fashion diva!

Where did Ansleigh's legs go??

Sarah making a snow angel

Ansleighs turn with a snow angel

Look how much snow

Love me some Ansey Hahn

Mommy swinging A

Emily making snow angel

So sweet

Love this picture!
I have tons more snow pictures but its already been photo and blog overload today so I thought I would stop for now!

Thanksgiving in SteamBoat Springs

Well as I have said in my other posts we went to my aunt and uncle's house in steamboat springs this year for thanksgiving! It was beautiful there lots of snow and great family time! Check out the pictures from thanksgiving day!
You had to give debbie a kiss to get a cookie early so here is my aunt shelly trying to get hers!

Grandma stirring the green beans

The chef my aunt Debbie

Cousins hudson, ryan and Jay

Sarah taking the pecan pies out

Megan pealing the potatoes

Aunt Shelly and her oldest Jessica

Grace and Ansleigh she was such a great help to me this week!

The guys had to do the dishes every night

Main table at thanksgiving

This turkey was amazing and I normally dont like turkey
Jess and grandma

Her and cody talking on the phone

Enjoying her 4th cookie of the day w RewRew

We hope that you guys had a happy thanksgiving because we sure did! Have so much to be thankful for this year!

Family Pictures on Thanksgiving

Here is a little family photo op that we did on thanksgiving!
Ansleigh's godparents Megan and Ryan

The whole family minus my uncle try who couldnt come

My aunt Shelly, cousin jessica, jillian, uncle melvin, and cousin ryan

Jay and his kids Grace,Hudson, and Gabe

Megan and Ryan again

My mom brother Andrew(RewRew) and me and Ansleigh

Me and Ansleigh she was over photos at this time

Funny pic so I had to add it!