Thursday, December 23, 2010

Leipers Fork Christmas Parade

Last saturday was the annual leipers fork christmas parade! Always a good time with lots of laughs Ansleigh was with her dad but I still went with dad and Becky! We had so much fun the highlight was prob the two pigs and two sewer trucks! Last few years they have had a pot belly pig and it was hillarious well the original one got washed away in the flood this past may how sad right well they replaced him with not one but two pigs! Its always interesting to see what these people come up with for there floats check out the pictures!

Bebe and PopPop!

Bebe watching the parade!

Look at there booties and tail decorated

This thing on the back turned it was super cool

not one

but two sewer trucks lol!

Hope you enjoyed the leipers fork christmas parade stay tuned tommorow for pictures from christmas with my mom and andrew! We are so slow at work today and it will be worse tomm so I will need things to keep me busy! We close at 2 tommorow thank goodness! Happy thursday everyone!

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