Friday, August 15, 2014

Looks like Ansleigh is going to be asking Santa for her two front teeth...

Wednesday night Ansleigh had brushed her teeth and we got in bed and were reading her story and i saw how loose her front tooth had gotten. she likes to hide this from me because even though she has already lost two teeth she hates it and is terrified. she literally shakes and almost has a panic attack no clue why because all 3 times now i have literally touched the tooth and it falls out. Maybe next time she will believe me that it wont hurt. well after having to call my mom to calm her down she finally let me touch it and out it came. The tooth fairy came and she got 10 dollars only because I had no change lol. She was excited and got juggle bubbles with her money she has been wanting those forever. I hate those as seen on tv things because she thinks they look so cool and they never work like she hopes they will. So its been a big week at our house one week of kindergarten in the books and another lost tooth!

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

My baby girl starts Kindergarten!

Testing out her backpack 

Thanks Jennifer for adding her name to her backpack

homework done and ready for the first day of school she did it all on her own!

SMS newest lion!

All tucked in and ready for kindergarten! 
such a big girl

with her teacher

she brought her teacher flowers 

so grown up

ok mom you can leave now?

at the end of her first day! she loved it! 

we love etsy!! 

Ansleigh had the best first day of school yesterday she loved it and today I just dropped her off and she went in like a big girl! Mommy's baby is gone so sad but I am so excited for her and so glad that she loves it! She has half days until next Friday and that's her first full day! Tomorrow she gets to start eating lunch at school and she cant wait and is ready to stay all day! Wow I officially have a kindergartner! Hoping that she keeps loving school! 

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Williamson County Fair 2014

Last night we went to the Williamson county Fair! It was a beautiful night the weather has seriously been amazing here lately esp for August in the south! Dad, Becky and Andrea came with us and we had a great time! Ansleigh loves the rides and met a little friend to ride with and we all got some good food and enjoyed people watching! We are tired since it was a Monday night but def soaking up our last week of summer!

This was our 3rd year in a row for the fair and we just love it! have a great week everyone! 

The big 3-0 weekend!

On Saturday I turned 30! It was a great weekend and I am excited about the year to come. Thursday I went to dinner with my dad and step mom and it was so yummy! Then Friday my work girls decorated my office and everyone made food and I got a cake and a big bottle of wine! Friday night we celebrated two of my Mexican family members getting married so happy for them! Then Saturday I slept in and went on a good walk with my friend Jenn. Then a group of friends went to dinner on the patio at corner pub my fav and then took the karaoke cab downtown it was a fun night! The weather has been amazing here lately and its so nice to be outside esp at night! Sunday we went to cookeville to celebrate my friends gender reveal! She is having a little girl and I am so excited! two of my best friends are pregnant and both with little girls! So many blessings all around me right now!

My brother and me at the wedding reception

With my fav twins!

I caught the bouquet
They got me a tiara and a wand!

my amazing red velvet cake
Love Andrea

Dad and Becky came to my birthday dinner 

Karoke Cab



Jenn and Me at my birthday dinner

Justy came!!!

Karly and Me 

Ansleigh at the gender reveal

Jackson the new big brother

The Bullingtons soon to be party of 4

Sweet momma to be and me! Yah for besties and babies!