Friday, December 24, 2010

Christmas with my mom or MiMi!

Merry Christmas Eve Everyone!!

Last night we had christmas with my mom because her and my little brother are leaving tommorow to go to colorado again to ski and snowboard for my brothers christmas present! I was kinda sad because this will be the first year in my entire life I have not woken up at my moms on christmas morning, but thats part of growing up and starting your own traditions! Tonight we go to my grandmas and then we are staying at our house my family is coming to my house so we can do Santa with Ansleigh and then we will go next door to do christmas with my dad and then christmas breakfast. Then Ansleigh goes to her dads at noon and then we go to my aunts for christmas dinner and some catch phrase action! Can you sense we are super busy and super spoiled? I got lots of new clothes and a new coat from my mom loved them all prob because I picked them out lol! Ansleigh got some playdough, a bed side table for her big girl room, mr potato head, big coloring pad, dora bath kit, dora puzzle, arts and crafts bucket, makeup, dora luggage, some candy, and some other things I cant remember because it all happened so quick! Mom got a new purse, new wallet, pjs, miranda lambert cd, and a shutterfly book of Ansleigh! Ansleigh loved opening presents this year and had to get every bit of paper off the package before she moved to the next so cute! Here are some pictures!

This craft kit is super cool!

Dora bath kit she will love this too!

Dora puzzle!


She will love this she loves to color and stickers

Mom loves miranda lambert so she was super excited about this!

Reading her photo book

Ansey had no time for me and a picture

Look mom its santa on my jays!

I finally got a cheese!

Have a great christmas with your families! Will be back monday with updates from grandmas tonight and christmas morning!!!

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