Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Meet Gilley Hahn

I got Ansleigh a fish for Christmas and let her go pick it out! We went Friday and now have a girl betta named Gilley. She loves her its pretty funny! Then we went to see Annie and it was the cutest movie! Saturday we tested out her new roller blades and then stayed home and played frozen trouble our new fav and then put her barbie house together and did nails and toes. We had a great weekend!! Then Sunday went to meet one of my besties Erin's new baby girl Adelyn we loved her!


intense game of frozen trouble

this was no easy task!

she is rocking skating

Great movie date!! Annie rocked

our new family member! 

Christmas Day

Christmas day I woke up and went to my dads and we opened presents and then at 2 we went to get Ansleigh and did her Santa and presents from them at their house. Then we went to my aunts for Christmas dinner and we were all exhausted by then!

she loves her ipad mini!!

maggie and A on christmas eve eve

charlie the ranch dog puppet

sleeping bag yah!!

we had a wonderful Christmas and are so blessed! 

Christmas Eve

Christmas was different this year. Ansleigh went with her dad christmas eve at 7 till christmas day at 2 for the first time ever she wasnt with me for Christmas am! It was hard and weird and didnt really feel like christmas but we tried to make the best of it! Christmas eve I worked till 1 and then we went to my house and met my mom and brother and did christmas with them and then headed to my grandmas and did christmas eve there like we have my whole life. Then I took Ansleigh to meet her dad and I went and met my single mom bestie and we got some drinks to try and stay busy not having our kiddos. Love her so much! My cousin who grew up more as my sister as we are only 3 months apart got engaged! So happy for her and so happy we were there to be apart of it! They are due with baby Dallas any day so it was exciting they will now be becoming one soon!

the amazing dessert I made

my brother got her this war is on! 

Love my grandma! 

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Nutcracker, Mexican family Christmas and friend Christmas!

This past weekend Ansleigh and I went to the Nutcracker it was so much fun! My grandma got us tickets for Christmas and it was a perfect day!

Then that night we went to dinner and played dirty Santa with our Mexican family! We just love them and had a wonderful night full of laughs! 

Me with my night vision glasses and Ansleigh with her goggles

we love Mimi!
Then Sunday night I went to Sambuca with two of my favorites we had a wonderful friend Christmas dinner! 
Andrea and me

Lorriane and myself! 

Have a merry Christmas friends! 

What Candy cane has been up to lately..

Candy cane joined in on PJ day at SMS

Pausing from being silly to remember the real reason of the season! 

getting a new doo

only 5 more days till Christmas what? 

he was enjoying his hammock! 

Candy cane got into the toilet paper again
Barbie and Candy Cane got married!