Monday, August 26, 2013

Random post of all things last week

My parents new house they moved offically last wed love it! its in the same neighborhood as Ansleighs school and 5 mins from work!!

My brothers game on thursday Ansleigh and I were matching!

Ansleigh and her favorite cheerleader Hannah she is seriously the sweetest!

Cheering on the Knights they won yah! 

Representing her new Elle Ollie state pride shirt! We love Tennessee!
Silly girl playing fibbers looks like such a funny game!

Helping feed sweet baby Henry

Yah we finally got to meet sweet baby Henry my cousins new baby isnt he the sweetest!

She just had to have this hair piece from the dollar store lol here is my sweet lunch date!
Jumping at Brody and Knox's bday party
Sweet Brody and Ansleigh!

Glow for Bro 2013

Saturday night we did the Glow for Bro 5k race! It was very fun and raised lots of money for Autism which sweet Brody has! They had a great turn out and we had a blast!
Me Leah, Clay and Jennifer my running crew
Jennifer me and Leah
Clay super cool picture!


Me and Ansleigh at the end of the race she loved it!

Ashley, Jared and Brae!

my awesome socks for the race check out all that powder it was everywhere. We got home at 1030 both had showers, washed everything we wore including the care seats powder was everywhere! But it all came off and we had a great time so thats all that matters!

Thursday, August 15, 2013


Last friday we went to see Planes with Jennifer and Barrett! it was a cute movie and we had a fun time with them! Ansleigh got a miss america crown on sale and she wore it everywhere last weekend silly girl!

My child is so silly!!

Monday, August 12, 2013

Williamson County Fair

Last Monday we went to the Williamson County Fair. Two girls I work with and there kids went and then my dad, step mom, sister, and two cousins! We had a great time and seriously had the best weather ever esp since it was August in the south! Ansleigh loved it all it was a late night for us but so worth it! Her and Abi hit it off and had a great time together!


Mother/Daughter Photo Shoot with Jennifer Fite

A couple weeks ago we did a mother/daughter photo shoot at Marathon Village! I loved how the pictures turned out Jennifer is awesome! Check her out or check out her facebook page Jennifer Fite Photography!