Monday, December 27, 2010

Christmas at Bebe and PopPop's house!

So to make my last post not to long I started a new one from dads christmas morning! Here are some more pictures of Ansey before she got super sassy and was out for the count!
Cece and Don

Ansey helping PopPop

Dora microphone!

Cece and Oscar

She loved this thing!

Performing for us!

coloring her favorite thing to do!

eating candy her other favorite thing

loving her new baby!

multitasking eating choc santa and holding her baby!

checking out the tree!

Well I think you guys are updated on our weekend! There a some things I have left out but I have overloaded you so much those can wait! Hope everyone had a merry christmas! we are so blessed! Have a great Monday! I am back to work which stinks but hey at least I have a job!

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