Monday, March 24, 2014

Beach from my phone

love my momma!

a little gymnastics on the beach

Happy st patricks day!

it says mommy and ansleigh 2014 in the sand hard to tell in this pic

mom and me

our shopping day when the rain finally cleared

my surfer girl

heading to last day at the beach

3 generations

my and my brother

her fav neal!

she just had a great time! love this beach bum

Beach 2014

We were at the beach last week and it was such a great trip had so much time with just me and Ansleigh away from everything and we really needed that! Life happens and we get so busy with day to day its nice to take time to just spend in the moment and we really got to do that last week! Every night at bed time she would say her fav thing was spending time with mommy! Love that little sassy girl! we had pretty good weather only rained sunday on the way down and then monday and we went to see sherman and mr peabody and shopped that day it was cute! Ansleigh is def my little beach bum she loved it and didnt meet a stranger at all love her! The water was beautiful the clearest I have ever seen it in destin so I got in a lot which normally I dont!

Friday, March 7, 2014

Catch up post

Last week I was super sick out of work wed-friday with a sinus infection and bronchitis and high fever it wasnt until sat it finally broke and we got out to a tea party. My brothers school has a play every year the 5th graders put on this year is Alice and wonderland and so they did a tea party last sat to kick off the play week it was so cute and ansleigh just loved it!

It snowed and we got ice sunday night so Ansleighs school was closed and I got a half day at work so when I got home we made snow ice cream she was so excited. She loves to eat snow which is so nasty but whatever.

They celebrated Dr Suess bday and her is my girl Cat n the Hat as she called herself!

She got this magnet from her school for next year she was so excited!

her class can u see the little diva always posing!

Gymnastics last night she started last week and loves it!

her and her teacher
Have a great weekend today is beautiful and tommorow is supposed to be even better just cant wait! Going to Vandy baseball games this weekend and catching up on some exercise and housework! Were also going to the hospital tommorow to throw a party for Hudson and celebrate his great success in rehab he is walking now and writing and doing all the daily things he used to God is good!