Tuesday, April 29, 2014

A Vandy Baseball kind of Weekend...

Tuesday night we went to Ansleigh's boyfriends baseball game and he was so excited his num one fan was there! He played great and we had a fun time! Also that same night we used one of her new color tabs the easter bunny got her and she was so excited her bath water was blue!

Thursday night Ansleigh had gymnastics and I finally captured her showing one of the many things she has learned this season!
She is going to do dance camp and a frozen dance camp this summer and she is so excited! Cant believe she will be starting K in just a few short months!

As I have said before I have season tickets to Vandy baseball and this weekend we hosted Georgia. After some tough losses lately it was so nice to win this series and it was a beautiful weekend for baseball. Friday night my best friend Kelly went with me and the outfield lights went out. A lady who sits with us said thats the night the lights went out in Georgia it was pretty funny and so true! We also got our picture made with the hotdog he is awesome he dances around and passes out free hot dogs lol! Then we headed to meet another friend I never get to see Karly and it was such a fun night!

Saturday I slept in and then got to deep clean my house something I have needed to do for awhile. Then headed to see my fav high school softball team beat Beech! It was a great game go Knights! Then I met my mom and she came with me to the vandy game! We won again and it was a beautiful day! Then I got Ansleigh back and we headed to see Jennifer and Clays new house they are building with Kelly and then went to eat Mexican. So happy for Jenn and Clay they are having a baby due at Thanksgiving! Love them and such an exciting time for them right now! It was awesome to see them and also get to spend two days with Kelly which never happens anymore! I have the best friends who are always there for me when I need them!

Sunday Ansleigh and I went to the store and cleaned more and then headed to the Vandy game. She had a great time and got to run the bases after the game her fav thing to do and the mascot wasnt there so she didnt come back sceaming this time win win! So back story on Xavier the 3rd baseman for Vandy. He is such a nice guy and was in a hitting slump so we got Ansleigh to make and X with her arms and I tweeted him a picture. That day he got a hit which went on to a 25 hitting streak. So we formed a twitter friendship and he named her his good luck charm. Well that streak ended on friday and so we changed up the dance and he got a home run and then sunday got 3 RBIs. When we went on the field to run the bases we met him in person and he was so sweet to Ansleigh. He waited for her to run the bases 3 times and then took pictures with her, carried her around, and they hugged. Thats why I love Vandy baseball the boys are such good role models for kids and Corbin is an amazing coach! We have really enjoyed going this year and I now understand why my grandma has followed them for so long. She goes to all there games even away. They got her a birthday cake last weekend in Arkansas and she was just floored. They appreciate her support just as much and she enjoys watching them play and grow and learn. My grandma is an awesome lady she just turned 79 and I hope we have her around for a lot longer. She is the glue that holds our family together and we are so close because of her!

waiting to go run the bases

X and his good luck charm

somebody was excited to run the bases

here is her X FOR Xavier

ready set go

sweetest picture ever!
Yesterday was Green out day at Ansleigh's school for earth day! She looked so cute!

Hope you all had a great weekend and have a great week! Prayers go out to all those affected by the storms. We got lucky last night and they just missed up its beautiful here today but more storms are coming in! Stay safe everyone and have a great week!

Monday, April 21, 2014

Easter Week

We had a super busy wonderful Holy Week! Last week we stayed at my dads while they were out of town. It was so nice being so close to work and school and I loved using there netflix! Tuesday night after work we went to the vandy baseball game they won and it was a beautiful night! Then wednesday we went to Germantown cafe for dinner to celebrate my grandmas bday! It was such a great night celebrating such a wonderful lady and enjoying family time! Thursday at school was Ansleigh egg hunt and I got to surprise her and come join in on the fun she was so excited!  Then thursday afternoon mom picked A up early to spend the night with her since I worked friday! she had a blast and got to go to Circus world with Morgan and Ryan and get ice cream and spend the day with Mimi! Friday night we had a cookout with Drew and we had so much fun! He really is the best and he and Ansleigh get along so well! Then saturday she went to her dads and I spent the day with Drew until he left for the beach! We went to cracker barrell and shopped! It was a great day and the weather was just perfect! Then yesterday I went to church with Mom and then to lunch with her. Then I met my single mom friend who didnt have William her son either and we walked at the park it was so nice! Then I got Ansleigh and we went to my sister and brother in laws house and my sweet nephew made Ansleigh an Easter basket. He spent so much time on it and it was really special! They had there pool heated and open and Ansleigh got to swim she was in heaven! Then we went back home to see what the bunny had brought at my house! She was excited and said it was the best easter ever! It was a great weekend and the weather couldnt have been more perfect! Ready for this week to go by quikly as we will miss Drew! have a wonderful week friends!
sweet sam giving ansleigh her basket

the bunny came

Andrew,Mom and me after church
easter pedicure on Monday night

swimming in april

Mom and me after lunch

Mimi got her a neck pillow she was so excited! and I got her a new tv for the car since hers broke

sweetest boy!

Mrs Carolyn her teacher it was her last day on thursday! we will miss her

Academy egg hunt

ready for school thursday
after her hunt

rough life

diva at grandmas bday

ready set go!

excited about what the bunny brought! and drew got her a new movie

look at all those eggs

My brother and me after church!
have a great week my friends! 

Monday, April 14, 2014

Whats on your DVR?

Today I am linking up with Andrea from Momfessionals to share what I'm watching:

Well this is an easy post for me because well I am quite the TV Junkie! I cant live without my DVR and honestly hate watching shows live now! #firstworldproblems

Eric and Jessie- super cute I just love them and reality tv

Teen Mom- yea cant believe I am admitting this one

Private Lives of Nashville Wives- Its not the best show but I am from Nashville and I do know some of the people so its kinda cool to watch

Chicago Fire- love anything with hot firemen!

Chicago PD- this has become one of my favs love the drama and how intense it is

Nashville- love this and of course I do because I love all things Nashville my hometown Duh?

Baby Daddy- its so corny but its a cute show and Ansleigh and I can watch it together

Two Broke Girls- its so dirty but its hillarious

Grey's Anatomy- I was over it until the end of last season and now I am back in I have a been a fathful watcher since it first started when I was in college

There are more just depending on the season! I know its sad! I really want to watch Parenthood and plan to start it this week while we stay at my parents and they have netflix!

Thanks for stopping by and NOW go watch TV!!

Recap of an awesome weekend!

PJ DAY was on Monday and bring your fav book!

My sister Candace came in from Dallas last week and so Tuesday night we went to my sister Stacys house for dinner! It was so much fun and Ansleigh and Sam (my nephew) had a blast together! He is such a sweet child!
Friday night was date night and Drew got to meet my best friend Kelly we went to the Pharmacy for hamburgers and some drinks! So much fun and Drew and I found a new bar by my house we loved with karoke!
Saturday was a super busy but great day! The weather was great all weekend and it was a nice change! We went to my brothers soccer game and then Ansleigh and I went to firehouse again and out outside because it was so nice! Then we came home and played chalk outside and it was awesome we dont have much time at home and it was perfect! Then we went to the vandy game and they won! Then we headed to Williams bday and she had a great time bouncing away! Then we went to my dad and beckys for a cookout for Candace going back to Texas and it was awesome! Food was amazing because my step mom is the best cook ever and the weather was great to sit out on the porch and let the kids play!

Us with Grandma at the game!

Uncle Melvin

Me and CB at the cookout

Firehouse Lunch

Chalk Time

Ansleigh and some friends after Rew Rews game


Ansleigh and William the birthday boy

Another game selfie
staring contest

I traced her and she traced me silly girl!
Sunday we went to the egg hunt at church, then palm sunday mass and then Mexican with mom and my brother. Then we headed to the vandy game again which we lost so sad! Weather was awesome again ansleigh got tons of eggs and saw the easter bunny too! She was supposed to run the bases after the game she has looked forward to it all year but the commodore was there and she ran back screaming silly girl!

Aunt Shelly and Ansleigh dancing

Me and A at the egg hunt

selfie sunday

they had a great time!

right before she ran back sceaming

cutest fan around

Mom and Ansleigh

we love our vandy baseball

Waiting to run
X for Xavier she is his good luck charm

Have a great week my friends we have another super busy week of course! Tommorow is another vandy game and then wed night we are having dinner to celebrate my grandmas bday and then thursday is gymnastics and her egg hunt at school! Come on weekend and Drew comes home and we have date night with Ansleigh we cant wait!
Have a great Holy week everyone!