Tuesday, December 29, 2015

A Mississippi Christmas, Christmas Eve, and Christmas Day

The weekend before Christmas we headed down south again to celebrate Christmas with my in laws! It was a super short trip but we just love our time with them! I really lucked out in the in law department they are awesome!

Mississippi bound again with rudolph in tow this time! 

Perfect night for a fire with this guy! 

oh shopkins yah (insert mommy having no clue what they are but yah)

Pop and his girls

Nannie and her girls! 


we then ended that weekend with Mexican family Christmas and dirty Santa and it was a blast as always! love these people! 

Christmas Eve I worked till 1 and then we headed downtown to my grandmas for christmas there like we have every year of my life! It was so fun and this year we even had props for perfect photos lol! 
first christmas w this guy! 

he always makes me life! 

my people! and yes shorts on Christmas eve crAzy weather! 

I love this lady! Grandma and all her spitfire glory! 

my fav girl! 

Rudolph leading Santa's sleigh tonight! 

another beautiful Eleanor Rose dress they are the best! 

Mimi and her girl! 

Mom, Rew Rew, Buddy, A and mommy! 

my amazing new table from my awesome fiance! we got this built and just love the way it turned out he spoils me oh so much! 

Christmas eve my mom and brother spent the night with us and we woke up for more presents. I never thought my child was going to go to sleep she fought it like crazy! 

yes he loves me he wore matching pjs with us 

Santa came! 

Christmas morning crew

Then we headed to my dad and step moms for more presents and brunch and I didnt take any presents of my dad or becky it was so unlike me! We had a wonderful time and were very blessed this christmas! We have the best family and are so lucky! 

Sunday this was my titans date! 

Yah the Titans are terrible but we sure had fun with these two! 

Ok so I think you are pretty well caught up on our life the last few months. I promise I will do better the next few months to not get this far behind! I am planning a wedding and have lots of fun events coming up and I will def share those with you! 

have a happy new year! 

Wow sorry...

I have been the worst blogger and I am catching up today because so many great things have happened and I want to update you guys! Well last time I updated we had just had our engagement party! It was great and then we headed to Mississippi for Thanksgiving and another little engagement party my awesome in laws threw for us! We had the best time with them and here are a few pictures! 
loved her Eleanor Rose dress!

Family selfie

mother in law and sis in law! 

our first thanksgiving as a family of 3! 

cousins! only a month apart and so many feet

Mississippi bound! 

our engagement party! Jambalaya and king cake yes please!  

Then we got our first real Christmas tree and that was so awesome! 

Ansleigh brought up the gifts at school mass and did a wonderful job and me and Jason got to help with roller skating at her school to! 

We had breakfast with Santa at the aquarium and it was awesome! Santa even scuba dived! 

We had my work Christmas party and it was at the George Jones Museum and so much fun! 

Love my date so much! 

We sent out Christmas Cards and went to look at lights in our jammies! 

we saw Santa and even brought shopkins to show him an example of what we wanted lol! 

Next update is Christmas in Mississippi and Christmas eve and Christmas day!