Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Last few weeks...

Me and Jenn at Barretts bday party

magic wand craft time one night last week

me and my cousin jess at the all star game

Christmas pjs

Mani and pedi thanks to William for her bday

fall mantle and a fire since our heat was out saturday night

jewlery box craft time

she loves the family at old navy

yesterday I was off so we spent the day together

my brothers first basketball game! They won!!!
We have been so busy and been having a great fall so far just cant believe its 11-12-13 today where has this year gone! First super cold day here in franklin today! Have a great week friends!

Catching up on life lately

We trick or treated on the 1st instead because we had terrible rain and Ansleigh had so much fun her boyfriend William came with us and we had a great time! We went to dads new neighborhood and its just perfect for it they got two buckets full of candy! It was a perfect night and we loved riding around on the golf cart! Ansleigh had a party at school too so she def had a great day! Then we dressed up at work in decades and then have a chili party it was lots of fun!

Merida and the vampire kitty

at her school party

Decades at work

school trick or treating


Happy Halloween to all!

Goodbye Honda... Hello Rogue

Well the day after halloween I was on my way to work like every other day or so I thought and go to turn on the street of my office and bam I was hit to hard my McDonalds drink exploded and my car was totalled so sad! I luckily just had dropped off Ansleigh and I only had bruises my car didnt make it though. Farm Bureau was amazing my wreck was on friday had a rental car two hours after and they totalled it that tuesday afternoon had a check wednesday morning. I bought a new car saturday and got a brand new Rogue I love it and so everything worked out for the best its funny how things work out!