Thursday, May 28, 2015

Memorial Day Weekend

Last wed night I flew to PCB and this sky was just perfect right after this is was storming and a crazy flight but still I was heading to my happy place! 

Thursday I hung out with my sweet work friend on the beach!

and we had my fav meal at Dewey Destin!

Friday night was the red bar with this guy!

Saturday was one of the coolest things ever and we picked up David's new boat and took the inter coastal back to Panama and it was just beautiful!


my crew! 

seriously this picture doesn't even do it justice! God is good! 

Finished my trip off with drinks on the beach! 

My little diva on memorial day! 

Last Ballet class! 

the sweetest friends! 

And I came back to rain, rain and more rain! Make it stop! 

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Mother's Day/Happy Birthday Grandma and Melvin!

The best grandma ever! 

The reason I am a mommy! 

Selfie stick for the win love my family! 

amazing cupcakes from Cupcake Collection

Happy 50th Melvin and Happy 80th Grandma! 

yummy food! 

slip n slide fun 

she had a blast 

Love my mommy she is the best! 

We had quite an eventful mothers day weekend. We celebrated my grandma and uncles birthday as well and all my family was in town it was a  great day! Hope everyone had a wonderful mothers day! 

Friday, May 8, 2015

Friday Favorites!

Today I am linking up with some awesome girls for Friday Favorites! What a beautiful week its been here in Nashville! 
Spending the weekend with this guy was def a favorite! Cant wait to see him again in 12 more days! 
Another favorite was spending last night with these ladies! Love my family more than anything and our Vandy boys won even better! This weekend we are having a surprise party for my awesome grandma and I can hardly wait to see all my family! I am so lucky to have them all and to be so close to them! We are always there for each other and I couldn't do life without these people! 
Another favorite was this morning! This girl has her first Lion Challenge today and she could not be more excited! Love SMS and so lucky my girl gets to go there! 
another Favorite is going FBF style with the original crew of cousins! I cant wait to see u all this weekend! Wow how far we have all come! 
And my last favorite is this new dress I ordered from a few weeks ago I cant wait to wear this on Sunday! 

Happy Mother's day to all my fellow moms and have a great weekend friends! 

Monday, May 4, 2015

That weekend Ryan came to town!!!

So this weekend was amazing and I was so sad to see it go! The guy I have been dating came in town Friday and we had so much fun! I picked him up from the airport and even made him a hot pink sign Ansleigh helped me with! he loved it! Then we went to Corner pub and met our friends downtown. He has never been here before so it was fun to show him around! Then Saturday i cooked him breakfast and then we headed out for more exploring! The weather was beautiful all weekend and we rode the golf cart around and went to lunch then home to crash for a nap! We headed to midtown Saturday night and had another wonderful night ended on the roof top of Tooties! Then yesterday we went to brunch at one of our favorite spots the Row and then we just went home and spend some time together! It was so much fun and I hated to take him back to the airport. I head to Florida to stay a week with him on the 20th and I cant hardly wait! This is another busy week with Parent/Teacher conference tonight and vandy games this weekend, also going to a Sounds game at the new stadium with some friends and then Sunday we have a special party planned for some members of my family and to celebrate mothers day! Cant wait to see my family this weekend! Have a great week friends!

this guy is the best!