Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Memorial Day Weekend

We had a wonderful long weekend! We actually had no real plans for the first time in forever and it was amazing! We were at the pool all day Saturday, Sunday and Monday! Ansleigh had a blast and we both got our tans started woo hoo! We went to dinner w our Mexican family friday night and then Saturday went to the pool with my bestie Kelly. Saturday night we went to my aunts for a cookout. Then Sunday we went to the pool by ourselves and then ran errands. We slept in every day which was awesome and much needed. Yesterday we went to the pool again and my friend Jenn came over and then Ansleigh's best friend Claire came over. Then we went to my dad and step moms for a cookout so yummy! And today its back to the grind but we had a wonderful weekend and its already Tuesday yah! 
My dads for a cookout last night

Ansleigh's patriotic outfit

Neal and Ansleigh at Mexican family night! he turned 16

Me and Kelly at our Saturday pool day! 
A and me at our Sunday pool day!

Ansleigh and Claire Monday pool day! 

shes armed and ready!

front of her super cute outfit

yes mom moment Sunday at belk! I let her bring her doll and stroller and was so excited! 

Have a great week friends!! 

Friday, May 23, 2014

A Random mix of an update...

Tuesday Morning I went to one of our branches to train some people and since it was close to our house ansleigh came along before school. While I trained she was a teller. She loved it and did a great job! She now wants to not go to K next year and go work at the bank lol!

giving change to a customer

she loves to help the usher at the vandy games 

Ansleigh and her sweet best friend Claire 

my flower child I made her a headband and bracelet 

love these two girls 

she would do a letter for every batter and it was good luck! 

Our sweet Hannah at her graduation party last weekend 

silly girls! 

Hope you all have a wonderful Memorial Day weekend! Its the start of summer where has the year gone? We plan on being at the pool all weekend! 

Andrew's 8th Grade Graduation

Last night my brother graduated from 8th grade. I know some people think this is silly and don't understand but he goes to private catholic school which is pre k through 8th so they have a graduation when they leave the school and head to high school. He has done such great things while at St Joes and its just insane to me that he will be a freshman next year. My brother is 15 years younger than me. It was a nice night and they had a mass and then after a reception and then we went to Olive Garden! So proud of him and all he has done! Cant wait to continue to be his cheerleader for the next four years of high school!
Andrew and his girlfriend since 1st grade Madison

Andrew and Grandma

Me and my bro

Mom and Andrew 

Ansleigh and her RewRew

Andrew and his dad! 

Happy graduation Andrew we love you! 

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Andrew's 8th grade skit!

A few weeks ago my brother has his 8th grade skit where they lip sing and dance to a few songs as a class and it was hilarious! I never knew he had such good moves! We really enjoyed it!

Ansleigh and Morgan

Ansleigh Madison and Gracie

we love our rewrew! 

Ansleigh and Brooklyn! 

Such a fun night! 

Mother's Day

Heading to pool day 

my awesome present from Ansleigh

we ran into Jina at the pool

After mothers day lunch! love this little girl who made me a mother! 

Andrew's Confirmation and Jillian's Graduation

A few weeks ago my brother had his confirmation and then my cousin Jillian graduated from UTC. So proud of them both and it was a great weekend with family!
My cousin Ryan came in from virginia

 Andrew getting confirmed
my beautiful girl at confirmation

 Us with Jillian she looked beautiful we are so proud of her! 
 Ansleigh with her fav twins! 
Us with the newely confirmed boy! 

Ansleigh and her Rew Rew! 

Pre K Prom

A couple weeks ago they had pre K Prom at Ansleigh's school kinda silly but it was cute. Parents came and they had dancing and snacks and she was so excited! I let her pick out her dress and shoes and everything which I never so she was in heaven! I even found her a little corsage on sale and she just loved it!

love my prom date

dancing the night away

silly faces

all grown up

Some of her class! cant believe she will be in K in just a few short months