Monday, September 27, 2010

Brushing my teeth Mommy!

So Ansleigh loves to brush her teeth or really just suck off the toothpaste and play with her toothbrush but one night last week she was cracking me up with it and I got a few pictures also she has on a new pair of pjs hope you enjoy! Sorry for blogging overload today but I was having troublr uploading pics this weekend and so I finally figured it out and wanted to post while I had the chance!

Look how long her hair is getting so exciting!

Dancing to Dora and brushing teeth learning multitasking at an early age

Super cute new jays!

Of course complete with her dora slippers that she wears every night! best 5 dollars I ever spent

Showing me what an elephant does she is so funny!

Hi Mommy check out my pearly whites!

Close up lol!

I love my baby girl excuse how awful I look!

Have a great Monday and I am so excited I got all Ansleighs bday stuff bought this weekend and looking forward to her 2yr pics this weekend and the pumpkin patch on sunday! October is fun filled packed with stuff going on! The next weekend is Ansleighs 2nd bday party how is she already two??

This is my 100th post how awesome!!!!

So this weekend I didnt have Ansleigh except friday night and saturday morning and then last night but here are some cute pictures of her bath saturday morning and her adorable out saturday and then last night another cute new outfit and eating ice cream! I love all Ansleighs new fall clothes and so glad the weather has worked out this weekend and this week that she can wear some of them now! Hope you guys had a great weekend!
Mom its way to early for pics I just got up!

Washing Doras hair

Hey mommy look its my friend dora!

How is my baby almost two??

Love this new outfit I got her at Target and of course we have minnie and blanket in tow

She looks so grown up here tear :(

Ansleigh is obsessed with ice cream these days!

Check out my new minnie mouse bow!

Love her red squeaks as she calls them!

Mom really can you please stop taking pictures?!

New Party Stuff and Minnie Mouse

This weekend I got all the stuff for Ansleighs party except the balloons and ice cream which I will get the day of! So exciting and much stress relieve to have those things marked off my list! Check out some of the things cant wait to see how it all comes together!
These cute ice cream cones to hold the spoons and forks!

some of the sundae toppings

These are what I am going to put the sundae toppings in!

Ansleigh loved the blowers at Cooper and Cambells party so i got her some and then the party hats for decorations

Dora Silly bands for party favors onyl have 4 kids coming

Her minnie mouse costume!

And the accessories the shoes light up when she walks and she loves them!

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Friday Fives-Random Question Friday!!!

1. What's your "comfort food"?
My comfort food would have to be pasta I love buttered noodles and could eat them pretty much everyday!

2.One thing thats on your mind right now?
I have a lot going on the month of October Ansleigh turns two on the 13th her party is the 9th we leave for the beach the 11th, we are having her pictures taking, going to the pumpkin patch, halloween, and then christmas coming up!! I wish I could win the lottery right now that would sure help!

3.what's the best advice you've ever received?
Everything happens for a reason- as hard as this is to hear sometimes its so true my life is totally different than i thought it would be 5 years ago but its better than I could have imagined in many ways

4.If you found $10 today, what would you do with it?
Buy something for Ansleighs party there is a mile long list of things to still be done!

5. What is your least favorite thing to clean in your house
to clean my kitchen floor its awful!

Show us where you Live- Master Bedroom??!!!

So Today over on Kelly's Korner Show us your Life is Master Bedrooms! I have done a lot of changes to my room in the last few months and it still needs some work but I like it! Tell me what you think! Happy Friday everyone and Cant wait to see everyones!
I got this lamp at Home Goods love it and then the picture frame from PDS local franklin store!

Hope you enjoyed your tour of my bedroom! Have a great weekend!