Thursday, August 30, 2012

Ladies on the Row Golf Tournament

On monday I got to be in the Ladies on the row golf tournament again this year and it was a freaking blast! Love the clients that played with us and love the people I work with! We had a blast are all terrible golfers but what a fun day!

my team!!

what a fun day!!!


Last saturday was a pretty awesome day for my little brother and his southeast teammates. They played California(West) in the us championship for the little league world series after 7 long scary innings we won!! it was so awesome and every boy on the team played a huge part of the win! Congrats boys we are so proud! I got interviewed again from two news stations and then the next day they lost to Japan in the world champiosnhip but hey US champs is awesome!!! This has been such a ride for these young 12 yr old boys and they have quite the story to tell and remember for years to come! They got back home on monday and have been quite the talk of the town! Tonight we are going to the Vandy football game where they will be honored then saturday we are going to the Sounds game where they will be honored again! My brother got a awesome welcome back to school pep rally on tuesday which I got to attend and then they meet with the Mayor tommorow these boys are so popular now they have their own publicist lol! Well check out some pictures from the last few days! So glad to have them home and so proud of them all! We got to catch up with them last night and it was so nice!

us champs this picture is from the tennessean

another home run awesome! again from the tennessean

awesome banner for colin and andrew at their school!

at the airport

look at all those people to welcome them home at city hall

awesome picture again from tennessean

boys in the pep rally at their school so fun!!

love my brother

We are so proud of you boys!!! GO SOUTHEAST!!

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Brett's bday

Last Friday was Ansleigh's friend Brett's 4th birthday at Monkey Joes we had a great time and Ansleigh got to see her BFF Claire she had a great time! Love them! Then Satrday we got to catch up with Dad and Becky for a little bit she loves them!

The birthday Boy!!

Ansleigh and Claire!

Brett is her boyfriend so cute!!

Little League World Series

Yes my brother is in the little league world series they are the unbeaten Southeast team they played on sunday and we went to Buffallo Wild Wings to watch such an awesome win! Check out some pictures! Also tonight they play at 7 on ESPN vs Southwest(Texas) Go Southeast Go Goodlettsville! I am so nervous already and so proud no matter what happens! If they win tonight they go straight to US championship on saturday if they lose they play tommorow to try for saturday we want to say in the winners bracket for sure! This has been such an exciting experience for my brother and his team the media and community support in tennessee has been amazing!!! So many articles and news stories I got interviewed and was on the news on sunday pretty cool! We are so proud of you boys no matter what happens its been a heck of a ride!
Awesome card ansleigh's class made for Rew Rew

screen shot on him on ABC for sundays game

SouthEast Team!!

Me and my sweet Ansleigh ready for the game

last weeks game when we went to watch at the park

Me and Stephanie at BWW!!

Go SouthEast Go!!!

Monday, August 13, 2012

Chuys and Park date

Saturday we didnt get home till 5 that morning so we slept till about 1245 and then were lazy but that afternoon our friends the Tollisons called and invited us to Chuys and the park we had beautiful weather and we needed to get out of the house and enjoy! Here are so pictures Ansleigh loves Brody and Knox!!

superman brody

monkey bars

Ansleigh and Knox

Baby give me your nails


monkey bars

Knox swinging

Have a great week friends!

SouthEast Champs!!!

Well friday I got off work early and we headed to Warner Robins Ga to suprise my brother and mom for the championship game of th southeast little league game we played Georgia the home team and we won!!! 1-0 it was awesome! We were on ESPN and it was so cool! My brother and his tennessee team flew out on a delta flight all by themselves to Williamsport PA first thing saturday am and are now there waiting for there first game of the little league world series! We play the Midwest on thursday at 7pm central on ESPN! This is so excting for my brother, his team, goodlettsville, and tennessee! So proud of them all! I am going to share some pictures! They got new uniforms and all new gear yesterday so awesome they are having a great time! My mom and grandma fly out wed am to join  them and I so wish we could as well its going to be so cool! Go Southeast and go rew rew he is now #10 Andrew Snyder so please cheer him and his team on we need all the support we can get!!

Little league pledge

celebrating yah!!

me and my cousin jessica in shuttle on the way!

my sassy girl finally eating her peach ice cream

me and my brother love u!

this was one of the signs we made love it!!

his new southeast uniform!!

sassy girl before we left nashville

my brother and his dad!

my brother and hunter great friend and supporter

me and my momma!

ansleigh holding sign this is from espn

this is her on espn we had taped it we had to watch it over and over lol

signing an autograph already

some of the other teams from our park painted up!!

from espn sign us cheering

we love u rew rew

me and ansleigh when we first got to game

looking good #10

so cute

go tennessee!!

on the way to game!!

it was so exciting and cant wait to continue to journey!! GO SOUTHEAST!! !