Thursday, January 29, 2015

Catch up and house updates

So I have owned my townhouse now for over 3 years and last weekend I decided to do some redecorating. The great part was that I really didn't buy much I just used what I had and make some great changes. I don't have pictures of everything because some rooms are still a work in progress but my room and bathroom are complete so I wanting to share. My friend Andrea helped me Sunday and I think we did a great job. Between the flea market, Kirklands, and hobby lobby we have two finished rooms.

Saturday we went to rose pepper and jenis ice cream and then went to see American Sniper wow what an awesome movie! 

This week is Catholic Schools week at Ansleigh's school. so Tuesday night they had the white out game for there basketball game with free face painting and prizes and Ansleigh loved it! So fun to experience her doing the same things I did as a kid. Love the parochial school system! 

these kindergartners have some serious school spirit!! so cute! 

Have a great Thursday! 

Friday, January 23, 2015

~Friday Favorites~

Today I am linking up with Andrea, Narci, and Erika for Friday Favorites! 

I ordered this and cant wait to receive it tomorrow! check out Cupcakes and Cheer she is on facebook, instgram and has a website! Always free shipping and she is great to work with! 

ordered this as well the vest that is! 

and this cant wait to wear it to Jason Aldean concert in a few weeks! 

this is coming as well! I ordered one like it a few weeks ago and omg so soft and comfy! 

loving this lotion great for these super dry skins days of the winter

love this soap and its less than 2 dollars smells so clean and fresh! 

this spray is my favorite smells so good and the scent lasts up to 6 hours! 

Have a great weekend and happy Friday!! 

Monday, January 12, 2015

Eric Church Concert! So much fun!!

Have a great week friends! only 4 more days and we have a long weekend! 

What a big busy Saturday we had...

Saturday morning we headed to the skate center to meet some friends and had so much fun! Ansleigh got the roller blades for Christmas and she has gone skating 3 times now and is doing so well!

such sweet friends! 

Then we headed to Glow Galaxy for Hannah Kates birthday! 
Ansleigh won these glasses skating and seriously hasn't taken them off since lol 

Then we headed to the hospital to meet my newest cousin! Oh we just love sweet baby Dallas Hadlee. 

my mom loves her great niece

my grandma just love her newest great grandchild

Ansleigh adores her 

we just love this sweet girl! We went back yesterday to spend more time with her! They go home today we pray for them to get some rest and have a great first night home! 

Then I headed to the Eric Church concert and had so much fun I will do another post on that! 

Friday night Ansleigh and I crafted and sewed a little owl pillow she got for christmas! She had so much fun! 

Last night when we got home from the hospital I made Ansleigh a camp and she just loved it. We set up her tent and her new sleeping bag and then put her dream light in there and turned the lights off and she snuggled up and watched her ipad she loved it so much! Then I even let her have hot chocolate in their and her dinner and she was in heaven! Mommy got to catch up on house stuff and rest so it was a win win! 

Special Person of the Week

Last week Ansleigh was special person of her kindergarten class. Every student gets a week and she was so excited her time was finally here. On Monday you bring in 10 pics from her life and then she filled out a survey all about herself. Then all her classmates drew self portraits of her and they hang up all week on her special bulletin board and then she got to take them home Friday. Also they encourage u to come eat lunch with her. So Tuesday my grandma and I went and then Thursday my dad went to eat with her. She loved this so much! Then Friday my mom and me went to read a story to her class and tell funny stories about her. Then she did a cheer for us where she spells out her name and then the kids help her so cute. Then the whole class sang one of my fav songs. It was such a special morning and ansleigh was so excited we were there! I loved getting to see her in her element!
her snowman she made from things we had around the house complete with a bed lol

Her sweet friend Lydia

Family pic from friday am! 

singing Lord lift your name on high

Grandma came to lunch! 

Mommy came to lunch

This is her special bullentin board with all the self potraits and then her special pics 

Love this girl and she is always special to me but it was fun seeing her so happy all week!