Thursday, November 5, 2009

Ansleigh's First Birthday and Halloween

I'm back as promised! Well we had Ansleigh's first birthday party on Saturday Oct 10th at Bebe and Pops house. It was a great day everything went as planned she was in a great mood and she loved her cake! The theme of her party was pink and green with monkeys. My friend Lacey made her cakes and they were awesome tasted great and look great! All our family was there both my moms side and dad and then my best friends were also there! We made chicken tortilla soup and a few dips for everyone to snack on! Ansleigh loved her cake she smashed right into it and made everyone clap for her everytime she touched it! The favorite present was def the rocking chair my sister Candace painted ansleigh it is so adorable and Ansleigh loved it! She took quite a few steps for everyone to we were so excited cuz at this time she had not started walking yet! Thanks to everyone who came to her party and who has been a part of her first year it has been great and we couldnt have made it through without everyones help and support! Now on to halloween! This was Ansleigh's 2nd halloween but really her first because last year she was just two weeks old. This year she was a "girl monkey" we call her monkey or monkey butt so I thought this was the best idea for her costume. She did great and looked so adorable, she actually kept her costume on the whole time we were so excited! We went to downtown Franklin for pumpkin fest and then went to a few houses around downtown and let ansleigh do some trick or treating. She learned how to say trick or treat that night it was so cute! Her favorite part of the whole night was watching all the people she loves people watching! It was Ansleigh, me, Pops and Bebe who went out and about! I will post some pictures from her party and also from halloween! Well I think I have blogged enough today so I promise to try and update at least once a week and maybe more if we have an eventful week! Thanks for checking us out

Welcome To Toddler World's First Post

So I decided to join the bandwagon and start our own blog! We just entered the toddler world on Oct 13th when Ansleigh turned one! The meltdowns and sassy attitude have already started! I always knew I would get paid back for how I treated my mom when I was a teenager but had no idea it would be this early! But on a positive note Ansleigh is getting more and more fun everyday I love watching her learn new things and she is so smart! This weeks new thing is we say show us your teeth and she holds her head back and smiles its so funny! She is like a little sponge these days she trys to do everything we do its too funny! Well I will go ahead and forewarn everyone and say I am totally random so my posting will be all over the place so try and stay w me! Ansleigh is such a happy baby always smiling and laughing and such a great baby! I call her sas or sasser because she does already have an attitude and is very independent! She is finally walking and is going everywhere she started walking the week after her first birthday and its so funny to watch! It was like she just woke up one morning and decided she wanted to walk she had been so close for months but i never pushed her I knew she would walk when she was ready and well I guess she decided it was time! Her favorite thing to say right now is de dog which is referring to my parents dog dede! Its a day to day thing as to whether she is going to like dede or not but you would think by how much she says her name that they are best friends! She loves my dad who is "Pops" to her and we go to Bebe and Pops house almost every afternoon after work and school for dinner or just to hang out with them! They love her as much as she loves them! She is a very good eater this days and will pretty much try anything and if she doesn't want it she makes it very clear she does the head shake! She did the transition to regular milk and a sippy cup very well she had no problems at all we are so lucky! She also loves to dance anytime there is music on or you just sing to her! Her favorite TV show is mickey mouse clubhouse and my parents are lifesavers for getting her a TV for my car it makes our car rides so much more enjoyable! Well I will post another one about her first birthday party and also Halloween! Hope you enjoyed my first blog post!Stay tuned for more...