Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Memorial Day

Monday we slept in till 930 which is huge these days my child is always up with the chickens it seems! Then we headed to my dad and step moms for some much needed pool time! Ansleigh was scared at first and then was a swimming pro after awhile! I got to get some much needed sun and actually have tan lines now sweet! Then we headed to the Allens house for a cookout I didnt take any pictures from there house but we always have fun with Claire, Reid and Ms Jennifer! I hope that you guys had a great memorial day we sure enjoyed our extra day off and thanked the troops both past and present for everything they do for us!!

silly girl finally wore the mask she begged for at the store!!
have a great week friends!!

Strawberry Patch

On Sunday we went to Portland TN to go pick our own strawberrys with my friend Jennifer her husband Clay and there son Barrett! We met them for Mexican then headed to the patch and it was so fun! The kids quite pretty quick as they were hot so it was the adults picking but it was something different and we have enjoyed our strawberries! Then we took the kids to the park it was such a nice weekend and we havent had a non raining weekend in months!

Happy kids after sonic slushes!

silly girl

State Softball Tournament and Random BWW night

Last week JP2 one of the catholic high schools in our area the one that my brother will go to next year was in the state softball tournament. We have gotten to know a girl on the team really well who is just the sweetest and then I am friends with the coach so we wanted to go support them! We were so proud so we headed to the buro and watched them beat GPS and then we went back and they lost in the final game to Baylo but still have so much to be proud of and we were excited! I played softball in high school so it brought back lots of good memories for me! So my child had a great time at the ballpark as always because she loves getting dirty and playing. They had an awesome playground right behind home plate best idea ever thank you! Well of course Ansleigh got bored with this and next thing I know she comes over soaking wet from playing in the water fountain with the Baylor girls I mean drenched. Then she slipped on the playground and got two boo boos which became the end of her world and she had a dramatic attack which an Icee wouldnt even cure and I let her scream for a straight 20 mins while I watched the end of the game I mean it was tied going in extra innings we couldnt leave lol. Then as we got to the car I had to strip her down because she was now soaked and freezing and mad about being dirty umm whose fault again? and as I was changing her the head master of JP2 was parked right next to us and was getting in his car well I bet we made quite the impression for my poor brother next year. Sorry Rew Rew! Then saturday we went to watch Neal play who is another favorite JP2 kid of mine he is my moms good friends son and he did awesome we went to BWW after to celebrate and watch the Vandy baseball game and I got the cutest pictures of Ansleigh with Nick and Neal they are my favorite seriously the best kids ever!!

guy asked me how i could ever be mad at this face? well hang out with her awhile u will understand

right before the meltdown

love these kiddos!

Ansleigh and her big brothers I need all the help I can get keeping this girl straight and out of trouble she is boy crazy already!

Monday, May 20, 2013

Dance Recital

Saturday was Ansleighs first dance recital! These are all taken from friday night at rehearsal because we couldnt have cameras that night but the post before has ones from my phone on that night! She did so good and she did smile the whole time sat night these pictures she look so serious! she was so cute and we had lots of family and friends come to support her and she just loved it!

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Dance recital

She loves her Uncle RewRew

Cousin Jessica and Aunt Shelly

Grandma and A

Aunt Kelly and A!

Her awesome teacher Ms Katie!


Mimi and A!

Isabella, A and Madison

my baby had to wear makeup :(

Isabella and Ansleigh

At her school friday when I got her ready she was so proud to show all her friends!

So proud of her after a great night!

Mommy and Ansleigh!!





Wednesday, May 15, 2013

More beach pics think day 3

Me and Bebe after dinner!

love this face!

Ansleigh meets no strangers and the beach was no expection here are her new "friends" they were so sweet to her and did everything she wanted to do!!
Her new friends buried her in the sand she was so excited!

Happy girl and such a beach bum!!

at our condo before heading out to dinner!

love this dress another Belk deal!!