Monday, December 6, 2010

Ansleigh got her first HAIRCUT...

So the baby mullet was just not working for us anymore so we decided yesterday it was time for a haircut. I wanted to take her to get it done to see if they could do better than my step mom. So we decided to go to snipits in cool springs which is a place for kids. She did awesome didnt move, got two suckers, it was a fun place. Well we got home and relaized number one the girl didnt cut off enough and number two it was uneven. I get if my child was screaming and squirming the whole time for the uneven but she was an angel. So my step mom fixed it last night and it looks adorable short little bob. Here are some pictures from the haircut and I will post tommorow some of how it looks now!
Getting ready

umm mom not sure about this

Ok I'm cool now got sucker number one

Look how cool this place is they can watch tv while getting a new do!

Relaxing on her spa day

Cool picture she is checking herself out in the mirror

Dont be fooled this is not even when it dries!

She loved her first salon experience though suckers and a rubber ducky for being good lol!
Love these little moments with my baby girl!

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