Monday, December 27, 2010

Christmas Eve at Grandma's house!

On christmas eve we always go to my grandmas house and my whole moms side of the family is there! Ansleigh was awesome and had such a great time! She ate good, loved opening presents and had a blast playing with my cousins! My grandma also carried on a tradition she did when I was young she always read me the littlest angel and she got ansleigh this movie and they watched it together so special! Check out the pictures from our fun night!
Talking about garth brooks and football and having a great time!

My cousin jay and his son gabe!

Ansleigh eating a chicken wing

Dont they look happy!

Mom and Andrew

My beautiful grandma!

Look how pretty my grandma lives in a highrise downtown 
Grandma and mom


Me and RewRew

Me and mom

My cousin sarah!

Sarah and Trey

My uncle Trey and his two girls!

All the sibilings except my aunt debbie!

Me and grandma

me and my baby girl!

Present time!

so sweet!

grandma loved her book from thanksgiving trip i made her

ring around the rousey!

Doing the chicken dance

she had a blast!

playing pass the trash!

watching littlest angel

I hope everyone had a very merry christmas! stay tuned for christmas morning pics!

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