Friday, July 29, 2011

Show us your life:parenting advice

Today I an going to participate in Kelly's show us your life. I am no expert but the best advice to give is do what works beat for you and your child! I tell everyone this because u get lots of advice from people and some is great but some doesn't work for you. Every child is different and every parenting situation so take what u hear and use it if it works but don't feel bad if it doesn't! It's your life and your kids! Hope this helps sure did for me! Happy parenting!

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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

More Ballpark fun

Music Row Ladies Golf Tournament

Monday I got to play in the Ladies on the Row golf tournament for my work and it was a blast! I am actually a good golfer and thinking about taking up the sport! We got breakfast, 9 rounds of golf, lots of free stuff, then lunch! Great day check out the pictures! Next year we are going all out with a theme like some other teams did!
Amy teeing off!

Sue ann's turn

Now Erika

Dusty and Amy

Super fun!

Check out this outfit

Me and ET!


Me and Peter

Me and Debbie

Debbie and Jessica

Happy Golfing!

Friday, July 22, 2011

Ball Park fun

We have been spending a lot of time at the ballpark in the last few weeks because my brother is on all stars! We love watching Uncle Rew Rew and ansleigh loves playing with the " little girl" aka Madee they have been having so much fun and getitng so dirty. Here are some pictures from the other night we are going back tonight and I will def have more pictures because she is decked out in her Goodlettsville All Star gear!
doing her dance for the crowd!

she does everything Madee does

she loves Playing in the rocks

Look PopPop

she is showing PopPop and Bebe her fan for Rew Rew

Go Goodlettsville 11 All Stars!! if they win tonight and sunday they have won the state and then go to nationals in North Carolina next week!!

1st Dentist Appointment

Yesterday I took Ansleigh to her first dentist appointment! We went to Snodgrass King and it was awesome they had so much for her to do in the waiting room and they were so kid friendly! she got a good report minus how much her mouth is going to cost me over the years! Oh well she is adorable and well worth it check out some pictures!

picking out her toothbrush she picked Diego

watching cartoons while getting checked out

brushing her teeth!

Ansleigh and Dr Snodgrass!

Thank you wonderful staff for making Ansleigh have a great first experience!