Monday, December 6, 2010

Reindeer cupcakes

So I got pretty adventoures last night and decided to make reinderr cupcakes I have seen a few people post about making these and they seemed easy. Also Ansleigh loved to bake when we were in colorado a few weeks ago. I had already made cupcakes for Kellys bday so I used the left overs. Check out the pictures. They arent perfect but Ansleigh helped and had a great time she enjoyed eating the m and ms more than decorating I think. We had to take them away after she was dipping the candy in the icing and licking it. This was right before dinner as well.

testing the merchandise!

she did this one all by herself

Here are the two I did up top

Licking the icing

More candy for me

This is when we tried to take them away from her

She snuck another one before we got them away and I caught it on camera!

Bebe cooking A peas! she loves them

Eating the cupcake or should i say destroying

She just wanted to eat the candy and icing!

Hope that you have a great Monday! I love this time of year we are super busy but lots of fun things going on! Ansleigh has brunch with Santa at school Thursday and friday is my work christmas party and saturday is my boss's ugly christmas sweater party! Stay tuned for more updates!  

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