Tuesday, December 31, 2013

2013 What a Year this has been!

2013 started off great I got my job at Franklin Synergy and started on Jan 7th it was a great way to start off the new year. I love my job and I am so thankful how everything worked out. Ansleigh started at her new school in March and she just loves it and is thriving so well. We went to the beach and had a wonderful time in May. Ansleigh had her first dance recital and did awesome in may! I started running the same month and it has been the best thing for me. Its a great stress reliever and I can eat what I want and still stay fit! I ran my first race on July 4th downtown and just loved it! Ansleigh started gymnastics and she just loved it! I turned 29 in August starting my last year of my 20s and I feel great! We went to Chicago/Peoria Il and Ansleigh was in my aunts fashion show and got her first american girl doll! Ansleigh turned 5 in October and we started the process of kindergarten registration and testing crazy she will be starting real school next year. My car was totalled on Nov 1st and we are now proud owners of a new Nissan Rogue. We had a wonderful holiday season with our family and friends and are once again so blessed and spoiled beyong what we deserve. I have made several new friendships and strenghten some others. This has been a wonderful year it has had its ups and downs but overall we are so blessed to have the best friends and family I could ever imagine and I look forward to 2014 and what is yet to come. I will be with the bank a year on the 7th, my best friend is getting married in June, Ansleigh will start kindergarten in August, and who knows what else the year has in store. Bring on 2014!!
My 29th bday-Aug 2

Ansleighs first day of pre k-sept

fashion show -oct

Mothers day-May

Beach day-May 2013


Dance recital

our family pictures

my first race with jenn! July 4th

my ballerina


christmas card pic


American girl store Oct 2013

Thursday, December 26, 2013

Christmas Eve and Christmas Day 2013

Wow I cant believe christmas has come and gone already! Christmas eve I worked till 1 and then we headed to my grandmas to do my moms side of the family it was fun and Ansleigh got spoiled of course and then we spend the night at my moms that night to wake up and do Santa there in the morning. Then we wake up and then head to my dads for more presnets and santa! Then we got to go home and unload and Ansleigh tried to play with everything she got in two hours since she had to go to her dads for a week I tried to tell her it was all going to be there when she got back but she insisted she play with everything lol. She got everything on her list and she said she even got things she didnt ask for but really wanted! we had a wonderful christmas and got so spoiled we are so lucky! I am back to work today and so not excited about it at least tommorow is friday ready for a fun weekend!

our tree one last time this year

sassy on christmas eve


me and my girl christmas


my mom and me

milk and cookies for santa

look santa came!

New scooter for her doll

aww mrs claus

frozen barbie

gak and new stick on earrings

somebody was excited

dad must have been a good boy

new stroller for her doll omg she is obsessed

new house shoes

coolest bike ever

yah I can do her hair

christmas morning

lunch box for school next year

sassy singing her heart out

new pjs for doll and new salon chair

oh mommy u got brave barbie

art set from my uncle on christmas eve he knows her well

watch out they are armed and dangerous

she was excited

yah the other frozen barbie

karoke machine!

scooter for my doll yah

sing it girl

My dad and me at my aunts on christmas night!
Hope everyone had a merry christmas! Happy birthday Jesus!

Christmas Week

Monday night candy cane left us a note to make Santa some cookies when he came so we did just that and had so much fun!

FSB Christmas party

Kathy and me at the christmas party

Holly and me at the christmas party

Candy cane and jessie went line dancing

candy cane was ready for the rain

candy canes last night with us he was in the freezer getting ready for the north pole temps!
Until next year candy cane!