Monday, February 28, 2011

Its buttercup time...

We have lots of buttercups around my house and it was always a tradition when I was a kid to go with my grandma and pick them. Well me and my dad took Ansleigh to pick some yesterday and she loved it I snapped some cute pictures while we were out there! Now my house is covered in yellow and they just make you happy I love them!

Friday, February 25, 2011

Random Ansleigh pics!

this is her as soon as we left the movie so sweet!

dont judge me on her outfit this was all her dad but I love the picture how adorable is this she is feeding a baby goat!

Her teacher at school sent me this love it she loves bikes!

Have a great weekend everyone!! I think that you are caught up I need to get better about my daily posting again I know I keep saying this its just been so crazy lately!

Color me Happy

My sister Candace has started a new business called Color me Happy and its where she comes to your house and she teaches you how to paint a picture! Well the first class was saturday night at her house and we had a blast! I stole these pictures from her facebook page but you need to check her out! Its 25 dollars and you leave with your picture and are sure to have a great time!

This is my finished product I was so proud because I dont have any artistic talent!

Ansleigh's first movie!

Last Monday Ansleigh and I were off for Presidents day and so was my mom and brother so we met them for lunch at panera and Ansleighs first movie in the theater! She was about to fall asleep before the movie so I was kinda nervous how she was going to do! Well she did awesome she sat in my lap the whole time and didnt move or talk! She even kept on her 3d glasses I was so proud! We saw Knomeo and Juliet it wasnt the best kids movie I have ever seen but she liked it! Here are a few pictures from my moms new phone of the movie I didnt have my camera this day!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Matching Aprons...

I got ansleigh and I matching aprons for valentines I got them after christmas and thought they were so cute well she loved them and asked what we were going to cook! Dont pay attention to how fat and awful I look in the pictures but I wanted to share these were taken last thursday when we were out of work and school for the snow!

Sassy Ansleigh

Here are some pictures of Ansleigh from the last few weeks! she likes to run from the camera now because she thinks it funny but I have been able to caputre some cute pictures! I love the age she is at right now she is talking so good and she is soooo funny!

she loves her dora suitcase on wheels!

cheese mommy!

trying to get away from her mommy!

she is a mess!

sweet girl!

mom really im drinking my milk!

this morning I thought she looked so cute!
she was posing for me however she hadnt been up 10mins lol!

Have a great tuesday everyone hope you enjoy the updates!I promise I will be better this week!


Ansleigh's new big girl room!!!

Sorry I have been the worst blogger lately but I promise to do better and I have about 3 posts to catch you guys up somewhat on our life lately. First is Ansleigh's new adorable big girl room! she loves it and is sleeping great check out the pictures to see why we love it so much! I got her bed from pottery barn kids and her bedding from tjmaxx!

new bedding and bed love it!

reading her books!

dont you love her knickers? 
love this picture of my sweet girl!

painted her new letters and just went to her initials!

i painted this mirror too it was black!love the new dream sign!

new knobs for her dresser!

view of her room from the door!

Hope you like Ansleigh's new big girl room as much as we do!

Monday, February 7, 2011

Sorry I am still here...

Sorry I promise I havent disappeared! its been madness around here at work and also outside of work. I have new pictures I will upload tomm to update you on our life lately! Ansleigh's new bed from pottery barn kids came in saturday and I love it! I got her adorable bedding from TJMAXX! I need to get a few more knick knacks and it will be complete! She loves her new room too! She took and over two hr nap in there yesterday and slept all night last night so excited! Hope this keeps up! I hope it doesnt snow here this week they are calling for it and I have too much going on for that nonesense! Snow days when you work are no fun! Yesterday we got Ansleighs room together and then went to my grandmas for the first half of the super bowl! Ansleigh had a blast she loves being around family and getting all the attention! We have learned a new thing she loves yellow peppers so weird I know but a good thing since she has not been a great eater lately! She ate tons last night and grapes and ice cream cake of course lol! Well have a great weekend everyone and I promise tommorow to post pics of her new room and some things we have going on! Have a great monday!