Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Burnin it Down

Saturday night I got to go to the Jason Aldean concert. One of my besties has a client who works for his touring company so we got awesome seats like almost could reach out and touch him awesome! It was an amazing show and I didnt want it to end! Cole Swindell and Tyler Farr opened for him and they were great! We got lucky and it stopped raining as soon as we got downtown and the roads got so much better luckily!

my brother and his friends ended up being 7 rows behind me lol! 

if you get a chance u should totally go see these guys in concert u wont be sorry!! 
Sunday we went to see the Tollison's and these two had a blast together love them!! 

Have a great week friends! 

Do you want to build a snowman??

Friday Ansleigh was out of school again and we got to leave work at 3 for more snow. When we got home we had more actual snow then we had all week so we got bundled up again and built a snowman. it was so much fun my hair was frozen and we got sleeted on the whole time but it was so worth it! I sent Ansleigh's picture into the news and she made the 10 news she was so proud! She is famous lol!

Meet Snow Diva!! 

Finally Ansleigh is back to school this week some public schools are still out but we have sunshine and above freezing temps making progress! Come on spring! 

Friday, February 20, 2015

Friday Favorites

Today I am linking up with Andrea and Erika for Friday Favorites.


My first favorite would be playing out in the snow with this little one. Its been a week so I am now ready for spring but we did have a lot of fun sledding and making snow castles! She has loved being out of school all week too! 

Next up are these two suits I ordered for Ansleigh and myself from old navy. We are going to an indoor water park for a few days for her spring break and we are now prepared! Also I got Ansleigh two more adorable Eleanor Rose ones too love them! Now come on warmer temps this ice is for the birds! 

Next up is Ansleigh's adorable new Easter Dress from Eleanor Rose: They are a wonderful company super fast shipping and great customer service check them out! 

Tomorrow if this weather doesn't mess it up me and my friends are going to the Jason Aldean concert and I am so excited! I love him and haven't ever seen him in a full show just at CMA fest or awards show! Here is to a fun girls night! 

Have a great weekend friends and stay safe out there! 

Thursday, February 19, 2015

And yet another snow day! really ice with a lil dusting of snow

we had a little more fun yesterday when I got off work in this mess! Ansleigh is still out of school and we just heard wont be going back till monday I am back to work normal hours boo come one spring! 

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Catch up post.. sunday brunch and vday school party

On Sunday we met Andrea for brunch at one of our fav spots! Ansleigh got a pony from her dad for valentines and it has gone every where with us. She has skates and she joined us to brunch the waiter was so funny about it. This is so a "yes mom" moment! Don't you think Andrea?

Thursday I got to go to Ansleigh school valentines party! It was fun and then she came back to work with me and had a blast. She made her own office and even asked my boss when she was getting her computer. She took her work very serious lol. 
A and her prayer buddies

her valentines 

my little office helper! 

have a great week friends! were almost done!! loving these shorter hours for the snow! 

Valentines Day

Saturday night we had William and Jennifer over for some heart shaped pizza and red choc chip cookies! The kiddos had a great time! This is the second annual valentines pizza party and one of our favorites!

forgot to take a picture of William and Ansleigh lol oh well I promise he was there! 

Happy Valentines day! 

Snow/ice day

So Sunday we went all over town trying to get all our snow gear in place ready for these 4-6 inches we were predicted to get. we woke up Monday morning already off from work and school for presidents day to lots of ice. but as the day went on we got more and more and ventured out and had the best time ever sledding we flew down the hill on that ice!

Monday afternoon Bebe and PopPop came to get us and we ventured to their house since they are so close to my office and I could make it to work. We went sledding again at their house and it was even more frozen so it wasn't as easy! Still fun ansleigh is out again today for snow and we actually got snow last night so when I get off at 3 were going sledding again! We have had a lot of fun but we are over it! Come on spring time!

happy Wednesday!!