Monday, December 27, 2010

Christmas morning...santa came to see us!

We started a new tradition this year and my mom and brother spent the night at our house so they could be there to see Ansleigh open her santa gifts. We had to wake her up christmas morning she had a busy week and was still snoozing. She got up around 730 and Dad, Becky, cb, and Baboo came over to watch her open as well. She got her bike from santa which is all she asked for and lots more stuff! Then we went to dads and opened presents there and then had a big breakfast! Ansleigh was so tired and got pretty sassy she went down for a nap and slept 3 hrs then I got her ready and she went to her dads! I came home and organaized all her new toys cleaned house and got ready to go to my aunts house for christmas dinner! Fun day but boy I was worn out passed out at 830 and slept till 9 it felt awesome!

Her new bow holder!

Letter to santa and his cookies and milk!

The only thing she asked for!

Presents from me!

Here is her coming down the hall!

riding her fav present!

check out what santa left and finished off the cookies lol!

checking out the snow!

this is hard eating candy and opening presents!

dora snuggie!

Ansleigh's new camera!

Putting on her lips as she calls it!

pushing her baby!

Now another post to come from dads christmas!

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