Tuesday, January 4, 2011

A post with no pictures...

Sorry this post is just words and no pictures its been busy around here! Well on christmas day my mom and little brother went back out to colorado to my aunt and uncles. It was my brothers christmas present to go skiing well my mom and him were having a blast she went out with him until the end of the day tuesday and my mom fell... she broke 4 bones in her arm and could have possible torn her rotater cuff. Not a good ending to there trip they came home thursday night a day early and i picked them up from airport and then stayed there until sunday. I feel so bad for mom she is in a lot of pain and still doesnt know what the plan is! Please pray for her! Also we had a rough night last night with Ansleigh she was with her dad from wed- fri then came to me on saturday but we were at moms so not her house then she went back to her dad sunday his normal day. She is all out of wack and fought going to sleep last night then was in and out of my bed and we both slept awful please pray for a better night for her tonight because I am worn out and we have a busy week so I dont need to be tired! Hope everyone had a happy new year and promise to post pictures tommorow in a post!

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