Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Who is watching the Bachelorette?

So I love Ali and have enjoyed this season already! I have several favorites right now and in no order those are Roberto, Ty of course because he is from Franklin and so cute, Jesse, Kirk is a new favorite after this week! I think this is all hope I didn't leave any out considering I still get a bit confused when they are this many guys left! So who thinks Justin is a bit crazy and why does Ali keep him around now she knows what Jake was going through with Vienna! I think they just keep the person who causes all the drama for ratings and that gets on my nerves! Also what about that guy in the previews for next week who is obsessed with Ali and looks like he cut his wrists over her umm hello he needs to go home and ASAP! Let me know who you are cheering for and what your thoughts are on the show!?! Also side note Ansleigh asked to sit on the big girl potty last night?! omg is potty training here already its exciting and scary all at the same time?! any ideas on pottys? we don't have one yet!!!

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