Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Wednesday Already??!!

I cant believe how fast this week is going its so great! So ready for another fun weekend with family and friends! I just found out I am getting a early birthday present the new camera I have been wanting I am so excited because you guys wont have to see my terrible cell phone pictures anymore and I can start capturing Ansleigh's life even better without having to steal other peoples pictures from facebook and such! I am getting the Nikon Cool Pix P100 Digital Camera!!I am getting it from wolf camera! This week they are running a memorial day special for no tax and no shipping! How awesome is that?!Cant wait to start shooting pictures with this!!! Happy Early Birthday to me!!!


  1. That's awesome!! Fun, fun!! Looks like a great camera!

  2. thanks im very exciting! what kind of camera do u guys have? u always have great pictures!