Monday, June 14, 2010

Ansleigh's first water day!!!

Ansleigh's new school has water day every Monday in the summer starting last week and since she was out sick she missed it so today is her first and she is so excited! I know she will have a blast! Well I have some pictures of her this morning ready to go but it is not letting me upload them for some reason so I will try again later! One of my friends got her some new water shoes to wear as well she looked so cute and loved them! I was in bed sick all weekend with  a sinus infection I literally felt awful until yesterday! I am still not 100% but I am starting to feel normal again thank goodness! I did pick up my new bathing suit yesterday and I liked it turned out as good as the picture which is always a plus! Also my camera is finally going to be delivered tomorrow and I cant wait to test it out! Also tomorrow night is my first kickball game with work I am excited our team name is Kickn it Old School! We have tshirts and everything I will definitely post pictures! Ansleigh learned how to say her name this weekend it was so funny she says Ansey but hey she gets an A for effort its a hard name to say!!! I hope everyone has a great Monday!! Will try and post those pictures later and an update of how water day went!!!

Stephanie and Ansleigh!

Water day went great Ansleigh got the dirtiest and wettest of everyone imagine that?! She was worn plum out last night too slept like a baby! She also asked again to go to the bathroom on the potty it is so cute I am so proud and sad as to how quickly she is growing! She turned 20 months on sunday I mean how is this possible that she is almost two?! So Bachelorette last night I am super diappointed in Ali! Justin and Kasey need to go and asap! At least she got rid of the weatherman but Jesse he was on of my favorites?! My new favorties are now Kurt, Ty, Roberto, and Chris he was so sweet last night! Hope everyone has a great tuesday!!

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