Thursday, June 10, 2010

CMT Awards!!!!

So last night I got to go to the CMT Awards as seat filler! It was so exciting and such a neat experience! We got so lucky! It was me, Kelly,Kristy my friend from work, her sister, and her sisters friend! We were like four-6 rows from all the stars and every seat filler around us kept having to move and no one ever came to claim our seats! It was amazing luck yet at the beginning of the show we were so nervous every time someone walked up that we would have to move but after awhile we realized we were going to get to sit there the whole time! Such a neat experience however so sad we didn't get to bring cameras so I could capture it all on camera! Chuck Wicks is adorable and was two rows in front of me so cool! Also Joey and Rori were also two rows in front of me! And the rest of the stars were all right there as well! It was a great show and so cool to watch how it is all done behind the scenes! Tim Mcgraw had to have the words on a teleprompter for his performance pretty sad! Also it was cool to watch the teleprompter and see who followed there lines exactly when giving out an award and who adding there own stuff! I wish we could have gotten up to walk around freely and been able to eat and drink but it was still awesome and the best part FREE!!
I wore this dress from Target and my brown cowboy boots and a little shrug over the top they told us to wear dark clothes so we didnt stand out!

Some of my favorites are Carie Underwood, Miranda Lambert, Zac Brown Band, Luke Bryan,Lady A, and omg so upset that those trash people from Jersey Shore were there they were in front of us txting the whole time and the girl had a banana clip in her hair TRASH!!! Zac Brown Band's performance was my favorite and I was so happy for Chris Young!!! Hope you guys have a great thursday!


  1. OH MY GOODNESS! I didn't know you got to do that! HOW COOL! How did you get that gig? I'm jealous! lol I wish I could go to some of the concerts this week/weekend but no such luck this year.

  2. I work at suntrust on music row and we got an email of where to go get our wristbands on sunday so we went and last night got the luck of the drawl with great seats and we never had to move! it was a super cool experience! wish i could have had my camera!