Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Bachelorette Recap and my vacation weekend!

Hello everyone hope everyone had a great weekend because I sure did! I took off Friday and Monday and had such a relaxing weekend! Friday as you say from my western day post I went to Ansleigh's school for her western day I was so excited to be able to go since normally I have to miss those things since I am a working mom. I invited my grandma to come with us since she hasn't seen Ansleigh in awhile and she is her favorite! After we left western day and were so hot we went to Panera and got some sweet tea to cool us off and then went and ran some errands I needed to like get a new camera case for my camera and a memory card and Ansleigh a new dora video since she is recently obsessed with Dora. We then went and got some pictures printed off of our recent four generation photo session and then I made my mom and grandma shutterfly photo books of the photo session!Shutterfly-here is there link check them out they are on sale and free shipping on 30 or more!  I just love these because they are instant scrapbooks and so easy to take around with you and show all your friends which my grandma loves to do! Then we went and got the new spicy chicken sandwiches from Chickfila which are so good! Then I went and got my haircut and then went home because I got the worst headache I cant seem to totally get ride of my sinus infection and it is driving me crazy! Then Saturday I laid around my house all day slept in and took a nap it was amazing! Then went to dinner at one of my favorite spots P.F. Changs! Then Sunday I spent the day with my dad and uploaded some pictures went and looked at our dream home in Westhaven! Then we ended the night with mellow mushroom pizza and more relaxing! Then yesterday I went and ran errands and then went and picked up Ansleigh from school early with PopPop and then we had an amazing dinner of pork chops, fresh squash, bebes amazing mac and cheese, cornbread, and these peas that were really good! So can you tell I didn't do to well on my diet this weekend! Well the food was amazing so I dont feel bad and have started back to weight watchers today and I have another kickball game tonight so I will get some exercise! So as for the bachelorette I am so happy that crazy kasey is gone he was a freak! I do wish that Ali pulled a Jake though and sent home both of them and Justin would go to. So next week someone has a girlfriend well i read in people this is Justin so that ruined it for me but I am glad he needs to go! My favorites right now are Ty and Kirk. I like Roberto and Chris as well but those are my favorites! She has a lot of good ones its going to be hard! Well Happy Tuesday everyone sorry for the long post!

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