Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Memorial Day Weekend!

Our weekend in pictures! We had a wonderful weekend with family and friends! Sunday morning we tried on all of Ansleigh's bathing suits to make sure they still fit and they did and she had so much fun modeling them! I made that weight watchers strawberry cake for our family cookout Monday and I made it into an American flag it was so yummy and I was proud of being creative because that is normally so not me! I have some more pictures on my parents camera I will add later of Ansleigh swimming yesterday and then of our family cookout! The last picture I added was this new foot cream I just got this weekend and I love my feet needed some extra attention but I just cant make it the get pedicures all the time so I got this file and then I put this cream on afterwards and it looks like I just got a pedicure AMAZING! Friday I went to dinner with some friends at outback and it was amazing good food and also I still stayed on my diet for the most part! Then Saturday I got up and went to Andrews game and they lost by one point in the last inning so sad! It was so hot at the game I got up from my seat and it looked liked I had peed myself I was sweating so much! Sorry for the TMI. Then I met Kelly and we saw Sex and the City 2 it wasn't our favorite a little too crude for me and really no story line but it was ok and we saw two movies we are ready to go see when they come out. Then I actually got Ansleigh back from her dad early and so we headed home for a good nights rest. Sunday Ansleigh took a 3hr morning nap tired girl this was after her fashion show and then we went and met my mom for some J. Alexanders and I loved her watermelon outfit that day! Reminded me of summer and also its just a classic dress! Then we went to Target and Toyrus with mom Ansleigh def knows what a toy store is these days she wants it all! Then mom took ansleigh for the afternoon so I could go run errands! I went to the grocery and made my cake for the party yesterday did some laundry all that good stuff that takes way longer w a toddler in tow! Then yesterday we went swimming at bebe and pops and had out family cookout! Fun day but boy are we tired today Ansleigh didn't want to get up and neither did I! She is a handful these days! Well hope everyone had a great memorial day weekend! Yah for 4 day work week!

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