Thursday, May 13, 2010

Update on Ansleigh(since it has been awhile)

Ansleigh just turned 19 months old today omg where has the time gone??Monday Ansleigh started a new school its Creative Care and we absolutely love it! The director actually kept me as a child. We loved her other daycare as well but I have moved branches this one was closer and also just a better fit for Ansleigh. It is a more structured environment and she gets to play outside a lot, color, read stories, and play with other kids her age. I love that I get a daily report on what she does everyday it makes me feel like i don't miss out on as much! Ansleigh is into everything and her favorite word right now is no! She is talking all the time and running around and just becoming such a person its awesome to watch. She loves to be outside and gets mad when she has to come inside. She is getting quite the vocabulary its so cute watching her try to say everything we say! I have started a new job as well still with SunTrust but at our music industry office as an FSR. I love it the people i work with are great and we have awesome clients as well. Still have lots to learn as i have just been here for a little over 2 months but it is getting easier everyday.Well i promise to start blogging more often as I am addicted to several other blogs it makes me want to get better at updating myself because time goes by so fast in Ansleighs little life and I don't want to forget these super fun times! Well have a great weekend everyone!Also I have added some pictures from Ansleigh's 18 month photo session from the best photographer ever Jenny Sherouse check her out!


  1. I love that sweet face! Her hair is getting super long! Almost to the baby mullet stage that they all go through! I can't believe she is this old already. And the family picture is so good! I know your Mom and Grandma are proud of that! Your doing a great job raising that sweet girl!

  2. thank you maam! she is def in the baby mullet stage we need the front of that hair to start growing!