Friday, May 28, 2010

Finally Friday!

So excited the weekend is finally almost here! what a long week! Last night Ansleigh had her first play date with Riley! He is the son of a girl I work with and about a year older than Ansleigh. We went to the new Chick-fila by our house! Ansleigh didn't really know what to think of all the climbing and such but she had a lot of fun! I took pictures but they are on my camera and I can not find my camera cord right now! So I have attached one picture from after the play date where Ansleigh is having way to much fun with my diet coke cup!

What are your memorial day weekend plans? Tonight I am going to dinner with some friends. Tomorrow I am going to watch my little brother play baseball and then meeting Kelly to see Sex and the City 2 so freakn excited about that! Then Sunday I want to take Ansleigh to the zoo because I know she will love it and then Monday we are having a cookout at my dad and step mom's house. I am going to make the strawberry cake recipe that I posted about last week so excited because it tastes so good and its only one weight watcher point per slice! Well happy memorial day weekend everyone!

~Stephanie and Ansleigh~

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