Thursday, May 20, 2010

Oh the Joys of Toddler Stages...

Well this has been an interesting week for Miss Ansleigh since we have started a new school she cries every morning when I drop her off which is expected since she isn't fully used to it yet.  She has always stopped crying by the time I go by her classroom to drop off her lunch which is great and she has gotten nothing but great progress reports every day which I am so thankful for. Well Tuesday night I pick her up from school and about half way home nothing was making her happy she didn't want to watch Barney which is her current fav she didn't want juice she didn't want a snack she just wasn't happy. Well we went to Bebe and Pops that night for dinner Pops famous smoked chicken which Ansleigh normally loves and eats tons of well she screamed for an hr wasn't happy with me holding her threw her food on the ground threw her cup down threw her meme down which is what she calls her pacifier. Nothing was making her happy well finally it was bath time and she loved the bath and turned back into her normal self it was the weirdest thing. After her bath she ate her dinner and was fine. Well last night she started out doing the same thing but quickly ate her spaghetti and got in the bath and was normal Ansleigh again. I don't know if this is just a stage or if she is tired because at her new school she just has one nap where she is used to a morning and afternoon nap or what but I hope it ends soon. It makes my nights very long and frustrating. So mean Ansleigh I hope you are gone for good! Pray for us!

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