Monday, May 17, 2010

What A Weekend!!

Well Ansleigh and I had a great weekend together. Friday night after work and me picking her up from her new big girl school as we call it we got home to my parents house who we were house sitting/dog sitting for to Dede the dog covered in mud!! She has crawled under the deck and she is normally a khaki dog and was literally black it was awful. Well Ansleigh and I were chasing her around the house trying to get her in the bathtub I was crying I was laughing so hard at Ansleigh she was screaming at dede chasing her everywhere. She still cant talk that well so it was to funny.  She was saying "DEDE MERE" and pointing her finger at her with one hand on her hip. I wish I had a video of this priceless moment but we were a little preoccupied.

This is before the game

Well Saturday was very eventful as well we went to my little brothers baseball game or as Ansleigh calls him RURU'S GAME. It had rained for two days on and off so everything was muddy well little Ansleigh found every mud hole and puddle and she was covered my the end of the game.  Well some of the parents thought it was a good idea to add to the mess and give her a chocolate cupcake as well she we left the ball park with no shirt on and missing one pig tail. 

This is after the game notice no shirt!

We left the ball park and went straight to moms and scrubbed in the tub then Ansleigh crashed out for a nap and when she woke up we went to Longhorn with mom our favorite restaurant as every one says.  Then after dinner we headed to meet Bebe and Pops who had just gotten in from Florida for our favorite ice cream Sweet Cece's.  Great weekend!

These are me and Ansleigh waiting on her dad to meet us he had a flat tire and so we had quite the wait!

Yesterday Ansleigh went to her dads and we cleaned out my basement from the flooding and then I went to work the GAC telethon at the Nashville Convention Center. We were so busy with calls and I got to see lots of country singers such a fun time and for a great cause! They raised 1.7 million dollars for flood relief.  It was so cool to answer the phones and not one person was from Nashville or even Tennessee who were donating and they were all so nice and gave many encouraging words. Well back to another work week!  Happy Monday everyone! This is where I got my Flood Shirt I am wearing Above

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