Friday, January 8, 2010

Thanksgiving and Christmas

So I have been a very bad blogger lately with all the holiday madness I ran out of time! Ansleigh and I had a wonderful Thanksgiving and Christmas this year. We are so blessed to have such a wonderful family and such great friends! On thanksgiving this year it was kinda of a crazy day filled with lots of driving. Ansleigh came with me to my dads house or "Bebe and Pops house" and we got to visit with everyone for about an hr before she had to go on to her dads it was sad I don't like to have to give up any of my time with her but especially on holidays! She looked so adorable in her turkey smoked dress and was in a great mood! She was a little overwhelmed with all the people and very clingy to her mommy but that's very normal! She loved Bebe's famous chicken and dumplings! I stayed at my dads for awhile and ate way to much food of course it is all so amazing! Then I went to my moms mom downtown! They had already eaten but we played family games which I love to do and I had to get home for work the next day! Ansleigh is becoming such a little talker she is always saying something and actually started to say phrases and words we can all understand! She loves my parents dog dede and will follow her all around the house saying "dee dog dee dog" its so cute! She always calls everyone mom its so funny she will be going in every room trying to find my dad and yelling out mom! She is starting to get a little sassy sometimes as well and I know this will just get worse over time! But for the most part she is a wonderful child and I really don't realize that until I am around other kids her age! Well back to Christmas! We were beyond spoiled over Christmas time! It all started on Christmas eve when we went to my grandmas house(ansleigh's great grandma). We always go over there on Christmas eve and celebrate with my moms side of the family! Ansleigh got lots of great things like a shopping cart w groceries from grandma which she loved, some new clothes, a purse w fake makeup and a phone from aunt Shelley,uncle Melvin, Jessica, Ryan, and Jillian she loves purses and cell phones right now so we can never have enough. Then we stayed at Mia's house(my mom) with Uncle A my little brother who she loves and he adores her just as much! We always stay at my moms on Christmas eve to wake up at her house do Santa and then head to my dads for more Santa presents! Christmas Morning Ansleigh was so excited when she saw all her Santa gifts she wanted them open immediately so she could test them all out it was so cute! She wasn't really interested in unwrapping the gifts from me or mom but once they were unwrapped she loved them! Once again she racked up on lots of new toys, new clothes, and new movies for her tv in the car which is a lifesaver for our long commute to work and school everyday! My favorite memory from Christmas morning at moms was she got a new baby doll that has a lil bottle you feed the baby with well mom was showing her what to do and everytime mom fed the baby she had to feed ansleigh with the fake bottle. Then mom says we have to burp the baby and showed ansleigh what to do and then ansleigh crawled up in moms lap and had to be burped as well it was to funny! Then we were off to bebe and pops for more presents! The highlight of ansleighs Christmas there were her new squeaky shoes from aunt Candace! They squeak when she walks and she loves them not to mention they are adorable! Check out there website ! She got spoiled even more from bebe and pops and Aunt Candace and Aunt Stacy and Don. Another favorite present was her new pjs and new slippers from bebe and pops they are adorable and super soft! Well all this present opening wore her plum out she passed out for 4 and a half hrs we kept going to check on her and make sure she was still breathing it was crazy! When she woke up we headed to Uncle Wills and Aunt Babs house for Christmas dinner Ansleighs new shoes were a hit and great for watching her cuz we always knew where she was! Favorite memory from there house was I went to change her into her new pjs and new slippers and put her on the ground and she started walking stopped and sat down and was hitting her shoes as if they were broken because she was so used to her other new shoes squeaking it was so funny! Well as you can tell Ansleigh and I were very spoiled for Christmas as always! We have such an amazing family that I could not do without! There love and support is what gets us through the day! Ansleigh is getting so big next week she will be 15 months! Where does the time go? Its so fun to watch her grow and her personality change and her learning so many new things she is an actual little person now and I am having so much fun! Happy new year to everyone and sorry for the long post just had to update everyone!

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