Friday, May 21, 2010

F is for Friday!!! Yah

Happy Friday everyone! Today is jeans day at work so excited! I am so excited for this weekend and so excited Ansleigh was an angel again last night lets hope this little girl stays around and doesn't bring her evil twin out to play anymore! Tonight we are going to eat with Bebe and Pops after work and school and also I should get Ansleighs 18 month pictures back today or tomorrow and I am so excited to see how they turned out so stay tuned to next week and I will post some of them! Tomorrow Ansleigh is going to her dads for the weekend and me and my dad are going dresser shopping for Ansleigh hers has fallen apart and she is in desperate need of a new one.  Then after than I am meeting two of my best friends for a girls shopping day! I miss them and really need new summer clothes so I am super excited! Then I am going to cheer on Ruru(Andrew my little brother) and then meet back up with the girls for dinner! Sunday is going to be "me day" I am going to grocery shop, clean house, and relax which I so desperately need to do. Have a great weekend everyone!


  1. About time you start posting on this thing again! lol

    So I am now in KY and next time I head to TN I would LOVE to see you!

  2. Yes def and now that you are so close we need to come visit you as well! I am addicted to blogging now I just want to get better at it!