Monday, November 22, 2010

Random fun weekend and of course some pictures!

We had a great weekend friday night Me and A went to Target and got some things knocked off our to do list for our trip this week and I got some pictures of her hat she made at school! She loves this thing wore it most of the weekend! Then saturday I had to work in the morning and then we went to my grandma's to help her put up the tree! We stayed at Moms that night since I was going to to the Titans game sunday and A was going to her dads! Here are some pictures from our weekend!

Look its the moon mommy!

Stop mom no more pictures please

I didnt make her sit with the bags it was her choice

Dont you love this turkey dress

Look at my tree mom

Stef, Me and Kelly

My best friends

The McHenrys

Jenn and Kelly


Tailgating before the game!

We had such a great weekend the weather was amazing and so glad to see friends before I leave for a week! Happy Monday everyone I only work one more day and off to colorado we go!

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