Monday, November 29, 2010

My Daughter the chef...

So I am about to blog overload everyone after our family vacation to SteamBoat Springs Colorado for thanksgiving. My aunt and uncle just built a house there and my whole moms side of the family went from wed-yesterday! It was madness but so fun these pictures are from Ansleigh helping make cookies and pecan pies on thanksgiving and then on friday my aunt me and my cousin Grace made bug cakes. The girls had a blast and they turned out so cute!

Check out my apron

Such a good helper

Putting the pecans in the pies

Sarah and Ansleigh she got to eat one of the cookies since she worked so hard

Look how cute their aprons are

Graces turn

Anseys turn as she said

Icing overdose

MiMi and Grace
She loved the icing!

The first batch didnt turn out since the altuide messed them up

Scraping it clean

Everyone loves cake batter

The finished product!

She did not stop till this bowl was cleaned!

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