Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Its that time of year again...

So this past weekend Ansleigh and I decided to decorate for christmas! This weekend I have to work and I am going to the titans game and next weekend we are in colorado for thanksgiving so better do it now so we can enjoy it! Ansleigh loves it she loves snowman and santa hohoho as she calls him! She loves all the lights and calls the ornaments balls! Here are so pictures of our decor so far!


dining room table arrangement

dining room hutch

table in dining room

end table

on my coffee table

Tree in living room new a tree skirt

On top of my tv

tree in living room it is up all year just add lights and some ornaments

Bowl on my kitchen table

love my new santa night light

Here is A this morning with her rain coat on enjoying her fruit loops

Mom really I just woke up

So sweet have a happy rainy tuesday!

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