Thursday, November 4, 2010

Friday Fives-Five Things that are going to be on my Christmas List!!!!

This week over on Just me and my Life Beth is asking what five things are going to be on my christmas list???I am doing friday fives on Thursday again sorry for breaking the rules....

1. I want some new clothes of course- jeans(gap),black pants, brown pants, dresses

2. Fiestaware- I started collecting this last year and have a few pieces and I just love it- my colors are lemongrass, butter, choc brown- but I am open to turquoise and plum and really anything love them all

3. cowboy boots I have a pair but I want a new pair and some real ones I mean I do live in the country music capital of the world and work in the industry

4.Laptop- I want the purple one or pink I'm not too picky!

5. Canvas pictures of Ansleigh I just love these! has great deals on them I'm just saying if you want to get me a gift hint hint lol!

Have a great weekend everyone! Today is 3 weeks till Thanksgiving and we will be in Colorado so excited!!!


  1. I'm aching for some cowboy boots too!
    I really like that pair!

  2. Hi there! i am your newest follower from the Friday link up. I love finding new blogs and your is lovely:) You can find me at

    Take a peek at my giveaways if you stop by. Everything is handmade and gorgeous. I have 5 going on right now:)

  3. I have canvas portraits all over my house - they are awesome!! It's like artwork but more personal!

  4. Ok this cracks me up, heres why...

    I told my Mom I wanted cowboy boots about an hour ago. I have that pink Dell laptop. I just maybe 2 seconds ago ordered 3 canvases from Canvas People to give as gifts and I want Fiestaware too!! What do they say? Great minds think alike!! Love your list!!!

  5. Oh Cowboy boots! I have always wanted a pair but have never gotten them. What a great list!

  6. wow beth we are alike thats crazy!yes love my boots i have cant wait for another pair and canvases are awesome and thats the best website!!!thanks for all the comments everyone have a great weekend!

  7. Great list! I have a canvas from Canvas People and love it. Hope you have a great weekend.