Monday, October 25, 2010

What Ansleigh and I have been up to lately??

This past week we were very busy just getting caught up after vacation! This weekend Ansleigh went to her dads till sunday morning and I relaxed a lot, got caught up on housework and watching shows and got over a sinus headache boo! Also watched my vols get killed by bama which wasnt fun! However my titans pulled out a great win yesterday and in fantasy football I won this week. Yesterday Ansleigh and I played with all her new toys and organized her stuff and then she took a great nap and we went to meet Mimi for a little shopping! I got two new dresses from Ross and a pair of grey booty type shoes I have been wanting and a new coat from Burlington Coat Factory that I will be getting for christmas yah!! Then we came home and Ansleigh finally ate and then went to bed and there were terrible storms all around us and luckily we were safe and Ansleigh slept right through them!! Hope that everyone has a great week we are super busy wednesday at her school we have the fall festival very excited about it! Then friday in the morning at her school they go trick or treating and then in the afternoon they have there class party! Then this weekend we are walking in the breast cancer walk downtown nashville and then going to the franklin pumpkin festival! Then sunday trick or treating she is def going to get a lot of use out of that minnie mouse costume!!! Happy Halloween week!!!
Ansleigh and her new outfit from my aunt one day last week

Cheese mommy i think someone needs a haircut!

Wating for mimis car yesterday at ross

Look at my new minnie jays!

Ridding her new bike

Mom really do you have to take my picture at everything I am doing??

I like it mommy thats her new saying so funny!

Where is Ansey?

Before Ballet this morning

She was on the go ready for her bacon I fixed her!I had to wake her up again this morning so hate to wake a sleeping baby!

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