Monday, October 4, 2010

Gentry's Pumpkin Patch

So as I said in my last post me and my mom and Ansleigh went to the pumpkin patch yesterday and Ansleigh had a blast! They had so much for the kids to do such as animals, play with corn, ride many tractors, hayride, lots of slides, and pumpkins of course. I will let the pictures speak for the rest and again sorry there are so many she looked so cute so I just had to capture the moments!

Mimi and Ansleigh

She was scared of the hayride at first but then loved it!

In the corn maze

Not the best picture but the only one of all of us looking!

She loved playing with the corn!

What are those mom?

She was scared of the goats at first!

Look at that tongue she did it everytime before going down the slide to funny!

This slide was not her friend she flipped in mid way down the tube

she came out of the slide like this poor baby

Checking out how tall A is!

Going through the tunnell

She wanted to swing so bad and then when it was her turn she was scared

This little boy was so cute he was filling her tank up with gas

Closing the doors of the teepee

Mommy and Ansleigh

Little pumpkin

Well as you can see we had a blast! So excited for the cooler weather and so excited for our super busy week! Ansleigh's party is saturday cant wait!