Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Ansleigh Elizabeth is two dude!

Today my sweet sassy baby girl is two years old?! I am so excited thinking back at all the great times we have had and all the huge changes she has made in two years, but it is however very bitter sweet I mean this time has gone by way to fast! She def isnt a baby anymore! Ansleigh you are a little over 28 pounds and you are almost 3 feet tall you are above average in everything! You are talking all the time and repeating everything we say. As you can tell from all my other posts you LOVE DORA!!! You also like mickey mouse and handy manny and diego and the list goes on. You arent a great eater these days you still love green peas those which is awesome! You love ice cream and would eat it for every meal if I would let you! You like bacon,eggs, bread, pasta, candy, applesauce, peaches, butter sandwiches or peanut butter as they really are, hot dogs, french fries and a few more things! You love milk which is awesome and you love to dance to whatever song is on! You go to creative care and your teacher right now is mrs meghan you love her and love school! You have started taking ballet on mondays at school and love it! You are such a happy baby smiling all the time and so funny, however you can be a sassy little diva as well! You love baths and bubble baths at that! You sleep great from about 715 to 630 or 7 you are so active is why and u also take a nap at school at about 1130 to 2!  You love to be outside and you are very independent! You love your uncle rew rew and he is great with you and you also love mimi and your popop! Your are def a mommas girl though if I am around you are somewhere close! You can count to 10 and also count in spanish you can also say your abcs!I am so lucky to be your mom you make my job so easy! I love you more than anything and you always bring a smile to my face no matter how bad of a day I have! I love you Ansleigh Elizabeth and I hope that you have a great 2nd birthday! HAPPY 2nd Birthday Ansleigh or Ansey Hahn as you call yourself! 5:56pm on october 13th was the best moment in my life and it just keeps getting better thank you ansleigh!
~Love Mommy~

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