Tuesday, October 12, 2010

First and Second Day at the beach=Heaven!

Yesterday morning we woke up after finally getting some much needed sleep after the big birthday party, We packed a few last things got ready and ran a few errands. Then we headed to grandmas house who was taking us to the airport with just us and my purse and one bag with ansleighs goodies my parents had the rest of our stuff at the beach. We got to the airport early Ansleigh was excited about getting on the plane and we had an A boarding pass so it went quickly. She did awesome in the air no crying and we watched dora on her dvd player and read the books she had gotten for her birthday and had a free seat next to us to hold our stuff which was awesome. She did have a poop in midair and I should win mom of the year for changing a diaper in that tiny bathroom on the plane but luckily it wasnt a bad poop and all was good! Our flight was so smooth and quick so happy about it! We got to the Panama City Aiport and bebe and popop were there to great us and we were on our way so quick nice thing about small airport! We got the condo Hidden Dunes in Destin, It is so nice here we all have our own bedroom and bathroom and we are right on the beach and at the end so we have a view from both ways! We unpacked quick and went down to the beach Ansleigh had a blast loved the ocean and buliding sand castles as she kept saying! We then came home tooks baths and went to Dewey Deestin, Ansleigh would only eat corn on the cob but I enjoyed amazing spicy steamed shrimp new potatoes and there spicy hush puppies. We got key lime pie for dessert Amazing! Today Ansleigh got up about 630 I made her breaksfast and we out to run a few errands then she passed out for a nap and me and Bebe went for a visit to the beach. I fell asleep and it was so relaxing. It waqs pretty cloudy so we came in they are at the store now getting dinner. We are having Shrimp Alfredo tonight cant wait Bebe is a great cook and we are staying in tonight! Havent gotten any pics of A on the beach yet because yesterday we were so rushed but for sure tommorow. Happy Tuesday from the beach here are a few pics at dinner last night!

Bebe and PopPop

Mom leave me alone please

Terrible pic but its hard these days for her to sit still for long

A enjoying the only thing she would eat corn!

My delish meal!

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