Friday, July 16, 2010

Friday Fives-No more Stress

Today over at Just Me and My Life Friday Fives topic is what you like to do to destress:

1. Watch Tv stop stressing about your own life and get wrapped up in other peoples reality tv is the best for this!

2. Spend time with Ansleigh kids smiles will make any bad day seem pointless

3. Catching up on the celebrity gossip magazines People is my very super favorite!

4. Shopping of any kind but I love Target the most on the days where I need retail therapy I go here and end up spending way to much money and then normally feel gulity and go back the next day to return. But hey it made me feel good while I was there!

5. Spending time with friends and family and enjoying a nice cold Miller Lite lol!


  1. Oh Target! Gets me every time! :P

    PS- Thanks for entering my giveaway dear!

  2. I love People magazine! To me, the only reliable source! I'm also a Target fanatic!!

  3. Love Target and a cold miller lite too!!

    Have a relaxing weekend! Your daughter is too cute!

  4. Hey lady. I gave you a blog award! :)

  5. I love People magazine too!! Love Target, wish we had one :)
    I do the same thing too- shop and then return haha, it does make you feel good at the time