Friday, July 9, 2010

~Friday Fives-Favorite Blogs~

1. Kelly's Korner

I found this blog from my best friend Kelly and I love it our daughters are around the same age, love her christian values, love her decorating, and all her clothes and Harpers clothes!

2. Ashleys Avenue- I found this blog through Kelly's Korner and she also has a little girl who she dresses adorable love how creative she is and looking at her all her super fun pictures! I got my camera because I saw all of her great pictures!

3.Amazeing Journey- I also found out about this blog from my best friend Kelly she has been friends with Amy for years through church! Molly is the cutest little girl and seems so happy!

4. A Glimpse Inside- this is one of my friends from college Allison who I love and miss seeing she is so talented and crafty and I love looking at all her creations she also has an etsy site check it out!

5. Joshua Brody Francis- I found this blog through Kelly's Korner as well and Brody is close to Ansleigh's age and adorable love his little fawhawk!

6. Stafford Stories- I found this blog through Ashleys Avenue and I love graysons nursery it was the cutest thing ever! Reading this blog reminds me of what it was like to be a mom of a newborn! I feel her pain!

7.Just me and my life- not even sure how I found this blog but I enjoy reading her celebrity news and also friday fives!

8. Shades of brown- this is a girl I went to college with and her adorable family that was just completed with Bates there precious little boy I love seeing new pictures of this little dude!

Sorry if I left anyone out I love all my blog peeps and hope that you all have a fantastic weekend!
Love Stephanie and Ansleigh!


  1. Thanks ma'am! I miss you too! Wish we were closer and could see each other more. I love reading your blog to keep up with you and growing Miss Ansleigh. :)

  2. I read many of the same blogs as you!